Parents, Students, Faculty and Staff,


    The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986 (AHERA) requires all School Districts to notify parents, students, faculty, and other employees annually of the presence of asbestos in our school buildings and to inform them as to how the Asbestos is being managed.  AHERA also requires that the districts Asbestos Management Plan be approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services.


    All Alvin ISD school facilities built after 1986 have adequate documentation to prove that they are free of Asbestos Containing Building Materials and ACBM’s are banned from being used in any renovation work as well.


    Alvin ISD’s original Asbestos Management Plan, for school facilities built prior to 1986, was written and approved in 1988.  The plan has been reviewed and updated to include condition assessments, every three years, by a licensed and accredited Asbestos Inspector/Management Planner as required by law.  A copy of the Districts Asbestos Management Plan is available for review, during normal business hours, in the office of the Compliance Coordinator at 2200 Stapp Maxwell in Alvin.  The individual Asbestos Management Plan for each school facility is also available for review within 5 working days of request, during normal business hours, in the office of the respective school.


    Alvin ISD will periodically contract with Consulting Services and an Abatement Contractor for removal and disposal of Asbestos Containing Building Materials in designated locations as needed, during summer months. Detailed information is available to review in the Management Plans. 


    If you wish to know more about how Alvin ISD is managing asbestos in our school facilities or report potential asbestos exposure or concerns, please contact Alvin ISD’s Compliance Coordinator.