Policy and Procedures

    Out of Adoption Textbooks and Library Discard Pick-Ups


    Central Distribution  and Textbooks are responsible for coordination of district-wide pickup for all Out of Adoption Textbooks (OOA) and Library Book Discards. Typically, these pickups are scheduled prior to summer schedules. In some cases, whereby there is a large textbook change out, a final pickup will be scheduled mid-fall.


    Each campus must have their books ready for pickup prior to the scheduled Central Distribution deadlines established by the Textbook Department.


    Assistant Principals and Librarians should email the textbook transfer form to the Lupita Alvarez,  Textbook Coordinator to indicate the number of boxes ready and the centralized location where the boxes have been placed for pickup.


    Guidelines for boxing:

    • All books must be packaged in the standardized box size of 18x12x7
    • Boxes other than 18x12x7 utilized for packing OOA or library discards will be denied pick up until repackaged
    • To purchase boxes



    Vendor # 40034

    Item # 9300195

    18x12x7 - Corrugated cartons

    25 boxes per bundle

    Request a quote before placing orde


    • All boxes are to be labeled with Campus Name and indicate whether they are OOA or Library Discards. Labels are to be affixed or status written on the front of every box. 
    • All boxes must be securely taped (top and bottom) with wide packing tape. Boxes are to be packaged to full capacity for stacking and palletizing.
    • Boxes are to include books only- no CDs, DVDs, cassettes, video tapes, printer cartridges, etc.. 


    Campuses are encouraged to allow students to take home any STAMPED OOA textbooks for use as reference materials at their homes versus sending them through the district wide pickup process.


    All textbooks must be clearly stamped “OUT OF ADOPTION” for release to students. Should a textbook be sent home with a student erroneously that are not OOAs, it is the campus responsibility to retrieve or pay for the lost textbook to account for inventory loss. 


    If in doubt whether textbooks are officially “Out of Adoption,” contact Lupita Alvarez, Textbook Coordinator.   Campuses should NOT  box any textbook that they are not 100% positive they are OOA.