Purchasing Department Textbooks/Instructional Materials Policy and Procedures

  • IMA (Instructional Materials Allotment) Funds - Legislation from the 82nd Texas Legislature, First Called Session, 2011, created an Instructional Materials Allotment (IMA) for the purchase of instructional materials, technological equipment, and technology related services. The IMA is described below:


    A School District is entitled to a bi-annual allotment from the State Instructional Materials fund for each student enrolled in District on a date during the preceding school year specified by the Commissioner.


    *IMA Funds are to be used equally across the District and not for individual campus needs.


    Therefore, Alvin ISD has established Policies and Procedures to track, collect funds for lost or damaged  IMA purchased textbooks, consumables, or teacher materials.


    Tracking and Accountability of Textbooks - All District Textbooks will be inventoried and tracked for check-out at each campus. The District approved textbook tracking software is Follett.  At this time, the High Schools and Junior High are fully inventoried on Follett. Elementary campuses will use a spreadsheet for teacher kits and teacher resources until further notice. The Elementary campuses workbooks starting Summer, 2021 will be part of the Campus Follett inventory.


    DOCUMENTATION IS REQUIRED of textbook distribution by district policy. This documentation is auditable by the District Textbook Coordinator.  The district wide software for tracking said items is Follett Resource Manager.  


    In Follett Resource Manager, each textbook has an individual accession barcode number.  Consumables will not be inventoried but accounted for through this system.  All textbooks and consumables will be checked out to students or teachers.


    Lost or Damaged Textbooks - All campuses will be fined for all lost or damaged textbooks. When a textbook is lost, please email Lupita Alvarez, malvarez@alvinisd.net with the following information, for the replacement price. 

    • Textbook name
    • ISBN (13 digit number)  


    Once you receive the replacement price, the Assistant Principal will then notify the parents of the amount owed for the lost textbooks. Parents will be able to pay the fine through MySchoolBucks as each guardian/student has their own personal account. After logging in, they will need to go under textbooks to process payments. When the money is collected, Lupita Alvarez will then start the process of ordering the replacement textbook.


        *See attached Standardized District Textbook Fine List.


    The Alvin ISD Textbook Website will have a  *Link for Standardized District Textbook Fine List for reference.


    *Note - Upon end-of-year inventory, whereby a teacher has checked out textbooks, and shortages have occurred, the campus will be required to cover the shortages from Departmental or Campus Funds for textbooks/material purchased with IMA Funds.


    Campus Inventory - ALL campus textbook inventory counts must be sent to the Textbook Coordinator, Lupita Alvarez before the Assistant Principal dismisses for summer break. All barcoded textbooks must be shelved in a manner to provide easy access for inventory.  Do NOT include free samples or free classroom copies in counts. 


    Campus Inventory Shortages -  Campuses are responsible to pay for textbook shortages after the inventory has been completed.  


    To ensure availability of shortages found within the campus inventory, all fines must be collected prior to the end of the school year.  


    A signed receipt, by the Assistant Principal, Clerk, or Campus Secretary, will be issued for any payments for damages or fines.  


    Money collected for missing textbooks/materials purchased with IMA Funds should be processed by the campus secretary.   The campus secretary will deposit the money into the General Fund, using their transmittal form, and will list the following revenue account, 410-00-5829-9267-000-00-0-000-0.  The transmittal form should be sent to the attention of  Jackie Henry at the Business Office located at the Administration Building.   


    Money collected for missing textbooks/materials that were not purchased with IMA funds can be deposited into the campus 461 activity account.  


    Found Textbook Refunds: Should a lost textbook be found, prior to the purchase of the replacement, a refund may be issued.  Typically, replacements are ordered as soon as the money has been received.  Contact Debbie Orrenmaa to determine if the replacement order has already been placed or if a refund can be issued.


    When an Assistant Principal leaves a campus, a thorough textbook audit will be done before the textbook responsibilities are turned over to the next Assistant Principal. 


  • For anyone interested in the Textbooks currently being utilized by Alvin ISD, a District link will be established and available under the Purchasing/Textbook website (To be announced) 


    Campus Textbook Requests -  Should you find a shortage in campus textbooks, consumables or teacher resources, log into Follett to request these materials.  All textbook requests will be filled through the District Warehouse, other campuses, or ordered through the state. 


    *When a campus purchases textbooks/materials with campus funds, that campus will be responsible for ordering those materials.  If you need assistance with the quotes for ordering these materials, contact Lupita Alvarez.

    Upcoming Adoption Process - A link to the next adoption process and course list will be placed on the Alvin ISD Purchasing Textbook Website and include the Proclamation Process. Typically, books and instructional materials are adopted in a current school year and implemented the following year.

        *Link to Course List Scheduled to be Included in Proclamation Process