• 2021-22 Alvin ISD School Calendar FAQs


    Q: How is the calendar created?

    A: Parents, community leaders and district teachers spent months developing an academic calendar that would best suit the needs of students, parents and staff. The committee, referred to as the District Education Improvement Committee (DEIC), was led by Alvin ISD administrators and were tasked with collecting data and input from parents and district staff. The committee collaborated over several meetings to create the Board approved calendar. The District also asked for feedback from the community on the proposed calendar through a survey in November 2020. The instructional needs of students, along with the needs of local businesses, as well as the input provided by parents & staff, were all placed into consideration in the development of the calendar.


    Q: Why does the calendar include a “transition day” on August 18th?

    A: Many students are anxious about the first day of school each year. The “transition day” is intended for students in grades Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, 6th and 9th to help ease this anxious feeling. These grade levels are transitioning into a new school and a new environment. Attending on August 18th will allow these students to attend their first day of school in a setting with a limited amount of students. All staff at the campus will assist in welcoming the students throughout the day.


    Q: Did you change the school hours?

    A: The district added 15 minutes to the 2020-21 school calendar this year to help with the safety and transition of our face to face students throughout the school day due to the pandemic. The 2021-22 Calendar removed some of these additional minutes and adjusted the start and end times. The state requirement of school minutes is discussed in the next question.

    Here are the bell schedules at each level:

    High School       7:20 AM – 2:50 PM

    Elementary       8:00 AM – 3:30 PM

    Junior High       8:40 AM – 4:10 PM

    Students at each school level will attend 450 minutes (7.5 hours) each school day, and 210 minutes (3.5 hours) on early dismissal days.


    Q: What is significant about school minutes and are bad weather days included in the calendar?

    A: House Bill (HB) 2610, passed by the 84th Texas Legislature, requires districts to operate for a minimum of 75,600 minutes (including intermissions and recess). This bill also allows school districts to add minutes as necessary to compensate for minutes of instruction lost due to school closures caused by disaster, flood, extreme weather conditions, fuel curtailment, or another calamity. The new school hours for Alvin ISD have students attending school for 450 minutes on regular school days and 210 on the two early dismissal days. This means that there are 77,370 minutes in the Alvin ISD 2021-22 School Calendar, which meets the minimum requirement of HB 2610. The additional 1,770 minutes also meets the requirement of containing additional “bad weather” make-up time in case the district has to close schools due to a natural disaster. (So far this year, Alvin ISD closed school for 4 days due to safety concerns over a hurricane and tropical storm. Since the district had additional minutes built into this year’s calendar, we will not have to add additional days or minutes to the current calendar.)


    Q: How many school days are included in the calendar?

    A: The 2021-22 calendar includes 173 student instructional days. Alvin ISD has included 173 instructional days in each of the DEIC recommended calendars since 2017-18.


    Q: Will Alvin ISD offer virtual learning during the 2021-22 school year?

    A: At this time we do not have an answer to this question. School districts were allowed to offer virtual learning because the TEA allowed flexibility in attendance counting laws because of the COVID pandemic. TEA has not stated whether this flexibility in attendance counting laws will be allowed in the 2021-22 school year. The district will continue to discuss all available options for learning platforms for 2021-22 and will communicate any decisions to our parents.