Course Syllabus 2020-2021

  • Cavazos(Garza) Course Syllabus



    ALGEBRA book: McGraw Hill Algebra(Texas Edition), 2016
    GEOMETRY book: McGraw Hill Geometry (Texas Edition), 2016

    Remind 101 App:
    1st ALG: @7ty36m
    2nd GEO: @6e2he6
    3rd GEO: @7h3c74
    4th ALG: @fg6ed2
    5th ALG: @4k47dgf
    7th GEO: @62ja5r7

    Google ClassroomCodes:

    1st ALG: av4wnja

    2nd GEO: i6dkvey

    3rd GEO: ajfnale

    4th ALG: ztk7zz3

    5th ALG: q3t5fp4

    updated 9/29 7th GEO: aa32ba

    Welcome! To be successful in this class, students MUST

    *Complete all work (even if not collected for a grade).
    *Subscribe to Ms. Cavazos' Google Classroom, and REMIND 101
    *Work independently & in groups/partnerships
    *Be a self-starter
    *Be willing to try new methods and push yourself
    *Use outside resources including but not limited to: textbooks, Khan Academy, web sources, etc.
    *Study! In groups, partners and individually
    The skills listed above are also necessary in Colleges and Universities. Practice them now and make college that much easier!!


    Wednesday and Thursday

    4:10- 4:50 p.m 

    Some days may be disignated for Algebra or Geometry. I will let students know via Google Classroom,

    ***NOTE: These tutorial times are the ONLY times I have available. If I am able to schedule another time, I will post it on Classroom. These times are week by week.


    All assignments including homework are to be done in pencil only. All work must be shown to receive credit to the assignment. (this is also true for tests, quizzes and classwork). A zero result if no work is shown.

    Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom, and most assignments will be turned in on Google Classroom.


    **Remember**: "Grades are not given, they are earned!" I do not give extra credit unless I provide to the entire class. 

    Grades are based on the following scale:

    Daily:(50% of the nine weeks grade) We will have scheduled and pop quizzes on occasion. All assignments are due the next class period at the beginning of class. The teacher will use a variety of methods to evaluate homework. Homework should always have the problem, the work shown to solve the problem, and the answer to the problem. Please box or highlight (in yellow) your answers. EOC/SAT problems may be included as part of the homework.

    Late work is HIGHLY DISCOURAGED. Although you are in middle school, you are in a HIGH SCHOOL course. The expectation is that assignments will be turned in ON TIME EVERY TIME. Late work will be graded by the end of the semester, but may be updated every 3 weeks.

    1 class period late: deduction of 10 points
    2 class periods late: deduction of 20 points
    3 class periods late: deduction of 30 points
    A Zero will be not be given if no work is included

    Major: (50% of the nine weeks grade): This may include projects and tests. Major tests may contain multiple choice questions, true or false questions, matching questions, and/or show all applicable work type questions. Tests may be timed and AP formatted in a calculator and non-calculator section to prepare students for AP Statistics or PAP Pre-Calculus graduation plans. All exams will be online and given during 

    Retests are given if 50% or more of the students do not demonstrate mastery on any given test. Re-evaluation may include, but is not limited to, oral examination, special assignment sheets, special homework assignments, or a formal test. Students who score 79 or below on a major test or project can reassess for a maximum resulting in a maximum score of 80%. Re-teaching in the form of attending an afterschool tutorials session is required before retesting.