•  Texas Bluebonnet Books

     The Texas Bluebonnet Reading program is an optional program that consists of 20 recommended picture, chapter, and non-fiction books chosen each year by
    a Texas Library Association Committee.  

      BB 19 20

    The Bluebonnet Reading Program is designed to encourage the love of reading.
    There are a few celebrations throughout the year to acknowledge the reading achievements of the participants.
    In January, we have or Bluebonnet Voting Celebration for any 3rd-5th grader that reads
    half of their assigned number of Buebonnet books AND completes the "Think and Shows" forms by January 18th.
    In May there will be a reading celebration for completing grade level goals.  
    3rd Graders will need to read 10 AND complete 10 "Think and Shows"
    4th Graders will need to read 15 AND complete 15 "Think and Shows"
    5th Graders will need to read 20 AND complete 20 "Think and Shows"

    Think and Show form 


    Deadline: April 6th