Texas 2 X 2
    Reading Program 
    This program is for our Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students.

     It is an optional program that consists of 20 recommended picture books, chosen each year by a Texas Library Association Committee.



    Click on the image above for read alouds of the 2x2s. 
    In order to attend the spring reading celebrations, students will need to read each book and complete the quiz for that book.  Students will need to use their personal log in credentials to take the quizzes. Their user name is their six digit ID, followed by @students.alvinisd.net (123456@students.alvinisd.net). Their password is their initials, followed by the year they were born and two zeros (ab201500). 
    Of course, you may assist your student, but please encourage him/her to do as much on their own as possible. If there is a book you do not want your student to read, substitute any prior year's 2x2 and have your student write out a summary and their favorite part of the book. Once it is turned into me, I will give the student credit for the substituted book.


    Click on the image above for links to the 2x2 quizzes.

    Party Deadline: January 13

    Mid-Year Party: January 27


    Deadline is Friday, April 3rd.
    End of Year Party: April 28th
    Progress Parties:

     Mid-Year Party: January

    Kinder: 5 books

    First: 8 books

    Second: 10 books


    End of Year Party: May

    Kinder: 10 books

    First: 15 books

    Second: 20 books