Course Description:  Students will be learning the principles of digital art creation and animation by utilizing a variety of software.  This course, when completed, will count as one high school credit.


    Prerequisites:  This course has no prerequisites.

    Objectives:  The students will be able to use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Audacity at an advanced beginner level by the end of this course.

    First Semester

    1.G Suite; Portofolio

    2.Intro to Adobe

    3.Pathfinder Tool Practice

    4.Intro to Pen Tool

    5.Kawaii Animal 1,2 &3

    6.Freehand Animal

    7.Intro to Selection - Marquee

    8.Hybrid Animal

    9.Tip Tut  - Floating Island

    Second Semester

    1.Hand Drawn Animation

    2.Digital Animation

    3.Paper puppet/Intro to Scripting

    4.Adding sound to previous Projects


    Software Required:

    1. Adobe Illustrator
    2. Adobe Photoshop
    3. Adobe Acrobat
    4. Adobe Premiere Pro
    5. Audacity