NSF Check
     Insufficient Funds Check Collection
    Alvin ISD utilizes the check recovery service Envision Payment Solutions to collect insufficient funds checks made out for any district activity. The service will charge a $30 fee for checks returned by the financial institution for insufficient funds.
    Please be aware that if your check is returned, it may be re-presented electronically. Also, in presenting a check for payment, you authorize service charges and processing fees to be debited from the same account should the check be dishonored. These fees, as permitted by state law, may be debited as a paper draft or an electronic funds transfer, at Envision Payment Solution's option. Each dishonored item is subject to the applicable state returned check fees.
    When a check is returned for insufficient funds, Envision attempts collection by writing letters or telephoning the check writer. Insufficient checks may be paid to Envision by credit card, money order or electronic check over the phone. Envision Payment Solutions phone number is (877) 290-5460.