World Geography 7th Period: qiqxmbk


    World Geography will take the students on a journey around the world in which they will learn about the physical and human geography of various regions. We will study the history of each region and examine the political, economic, and cultural characteristics of the world in which you live.


    Goals of this course are:

    1. How to label a map correctly
    2. How the climate affects the planet 
    3. How people affect the world 



    Unit 1 Mapping 

    Unit 2 Geographers toolbox: Earth a Living Planet

    Unit 3 Climate and Weather

    Unit 4 Agricultural 

    Unit 5 Political and Economic Geography 

    Unit 6 Population and Industry 

    Unit 7 Industry 

    Unit 8 Urbanization 

    Unit 9 Culture: Religion, Ethnicity, and Language 



    • Laptop or device 
    • Composition notebook 
    • Color pencils 
    • Pens and pencils 
    • Tape or glue sticks
    • Index cards


    Practice Exams

    Practice exams will be given the week before the unit exam to see where the students are at and what might need to be covered  more in depth before hand



    *Please be aware that changes might be made to the outline of the syllabus due to time constraints at the teachers discretion, however every effort will be made to maintain the original content of the course. Readings, research projects and lab activities can be updated as this is a class that deals with current events and issues.


    Comprehensive Assessments/Projects…..30%

    • Multiple Choice, matching or labeling 
    • Research Projects


    Daily Work/Homework…70%

    • Reading articles/current events
    • Textbook chapter assignments
    • In class assignments
    • Quizzes of key concepts, terms, and maps



    BE ON TIME…Be in class ready to work. Turn in work on time.

    BE PREPARED…Bring all the materials you will need: text, notebook, pens, colored pencils, homework, etc. Be ready to discuss assigned readings or to take a pop quiz.

    BE RESPECTFUL…Listen actively when others are speaking, wait your turn to speak, add to the learning experience of others, rather than distracting from it. 

    BE POSITIVE…This class is a college level course. At times, it will be very difficult. Stay organized, keep up your notebook, study for exams, and don’t be negative. 


    1. All assignments are due at the beginning of class on assigned dates unless the teacher is notified prior to the due date.  Work completed during class will be considered late. If you leave school early for an appointment, sports or illness, please email your work, send it to class with a classmate, or have the  School Office place it in the teacher's mailbox.  It is YOUR responsibility to ask the teacher for missed work.
    2. Students have 72 hours after an absence to make up assignments or make arrangements to make up missed quizzes or exams. Late assignments, if turned in within a week of the original due date will be reduced 10 points per day according to SCHS grading policy.
    3. If you have an excused absence (field trips, sports, family trip,…) assigned work is to be handed in the day before you leave or the day you return -- or it will be late.  You will also need to make arrangements with the teacher for tests or quizzes that you may miss or have missed.
    4. Make smart and respectful choices. Do not plagiarize, copy other students’ work, interrupt others, put down classmates, fall behind in the reading or in your notebooks.