• Geometry Honors Course Information


    Mrs. Sonya Ortiz                                                           Contact Information                                 

    Geometry Honors                                                           email: sxortiz@alvinisd.net

    Room CM 253                                                                phone: 281-345-4000 Ext. 4257

    Supply List

    *Pencils              * Scissors     *Color Pencils              *Protractor         *Graph Paper     *Ruler 6in           *Glue sticks or Tape    *3 Ring Binder/Spirals


    IXL Math Login: Student Id#@alvinisd

            Password: Student Id#


    • Google Calendar is embedded in my google classroom
    • Topics and Assignments
    • Test Dates
    • Be aware of important dates


    Make up Work

    • Notes and Assignments will be posted in my google classroom
    • The student will get an extra day for each day missed to turn in assignments

    Late Work

    One day late – maximum grade of 85

    Two days late – maximum grade of 70             More than two days late – grade of zero


    • Attendance is a NECESSITY!
    • I want to see your smiling face EVERYDAY!!


    All students will have the opportunity to retest, whether they pass or fail a test.

    The procedures for retesting are as follows:

    1) Come in for tutoring either after school or during google meet for you do corrections. During corrections I want to you use your notes, the internet, or ask me questions if you can’t find how to work the problems. (This allows you to retest for HALF the points back).

    2) Complete a retest review at 100% correct. (This allows you to retest for full credit.)

    Grading Policy

    The following scale is used for calculating your child’s grade:

    Major Grades (Tests/Projects)                       30%

    Daily Grades (Homework/Quizzes)                  70%

    Total Grade                                                    100%


    Monday – Wednesday from 3:00 – 3:30