• Geometry Course Information

    Bruce Graumann


    Room:  CM 276

    Conference: 3rd period

    Phone:  281-245-3000 X 4256



    Grading Policy

    The following scale will be used for calculating your child’s grade:

                Tests                40%

                Daily                60%     (Quizzes, practice, warmups, etc.)

                Total Grade      100%



    Students will be provided a new calendar at the beginning of each three-week grading period.  The calendar contains topics that will be covered each day, reviews, and major tests.  Calendars can be used as a point of reference when a student is absent or assigned to ISS to find missing assignments. The calendars are also available on my faculty website, accessed via Alvin High School’s website.


    Google Meet Expectations

    1. Students must log in on time and remain in class for the full class period or at the teacher’s discretion. 
    2. Students will mute their microphone and make sure their camera is on (dress and background must be school appropriate).
    3. Students will participate in the chat and respect the classroom. 



    This is a math class and there will be an assignment almost every day.  Students are encouraged to complete the practice work and come to class the next day with questions over that material.  A quiz over the practice work may be taken the day following its assignment.  If a student is absent for a quiz, the makeup assignment will be the practice work. At times, students will be given the opportunity to begin or complete practice assignments in class. These opportunities are not optional and refusal to attempt assignments when instructed to do so will be considered direct insubordination.


    All assignments, including practice, quizzes, and tests, are to be completed using a wooden, or mechanical, #2 pencil


    Additionally, all work must include all the relevant steps required to solve each problem.  This is not a class on mental math, and the response, “I did it in my head,” will not be accepted.  Any assignment that is missing relevant steps will not be accepted.



    Students will receive a grade of 0 for not completing the assignment as directed (late work) until it is made up per the policy below. 


    Students will receive a grade of 1 if they are absent when the assignment was assigned or graded and will be allowed to make it up for a grade up to a 100 if the absence is excused.  Any assignment that is due on the day of the absence is due on the day of return.  If the absence is unexcused, late work policy guidelines are used. A student will be responsible for obtaining and completing the make-up work in a satisfactory manner and within the time specified by the teacher (2 days to make-up per absence).


    Late Work

    If a student does not complete an assignment as directed the following guidelines will be used for grading:

    1 day late -10                                        2 days late -20                                      3 days late -30

    Late work after 3 days is per teacher discretion.


    Students should address make-up work with the teacher during tutorials or before or after class.  It is also the student’s responsibility to get any notes they have missed.  If the student is present for the unit or chapter of material and is absent for the test review, he or she is required to take the test on the scheduled test day.  If the student is absent on test day, a make-up test will be administered after school as instructed by the teacher. 


    Extenuating circumstances or long term absences will be handled on a case by case basis.






    In the event an issue arises in class where disciplinary action is necessary, the following steps will be taken: warning, conference with student, parent contact, teacher detention, and/or office referral.  These may not occur in that order depending on the offense or number of prior incidents.



    Students are encouraged to attend tutorials whenever necessary.  During tutorials, students may receive help on a topic he/she does not understand, get help on a topic missed during an absence or school activity, get help correcting a failed test, or do other make-up work.  Tutorial schedules are posted in classrooms, online, and in hallways throughout the math department.  My tutorial times will be as follows and any changes will be noted during class.


    Mondays 3:00– 3:30 PM

    Tuesdays 3:00– 3:30 PM

    Thursdays 3:00– 3:30 PM



    B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Device)

    As you may or may not know, Alvin ISD has implemented a BYOD program.  Information about this program is available on the school district website.  In this class, we will use electronic devices only when authorized by the teacher.  However, please understand that these devices will be used for instructional purposes only and any student observed to be using them otherwise during class, will be subject to having their device confiscated and turned in to the main office for a $15 recovery fee.



    In the classroom, your child will be assigned a TI Nspire CX graphing calculator for use in class.  The requirement for use of these calculators is that you and your child signs a calculator use agreement stating that he or she is responsible for that calculator and they will be held responsible for any damage to the calculator while it is in their possession.  Only students with a calculator use contract on file will be allowed to use the TI Nspire CX calculators.  Help with the calculators can be found at  http://www.alvinisd.net/Page/21108


    Required Supplies

    The following supplies are required to be brought to class each day:


    1. Wooden or mechanical #2 pencil
    2. Notebook Paper



    Students – You can access your grades online via SKYWARD. You do not need to ask what your grade is.  It is readily available for you to view at any time. If you can check Twitter and Facebook, you can check your grade.

    Parents - Through the Alvin ISD website, you can access SKYWARD, our district wide gradebook.  You can see all your child’s grades in real time, and sign up to receive email notifications regarding low grades and missing assignments.  This is an invaluable resource that will enable you to stay on top of your student’s grades all year long.  Please contact me with any concerns you may have.


    I am excited about working with you this year and hope that together we can put your child in the best position possible to be successful in Geometry.