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  • Inclusion Support

    Inclusion support is offered in designated core academic areas and consists of a special education teacher and/or paraprofessional consulting with the general education teacher to assist in the implementation of individualized education programs and/or instructional accommodations within the general education classroom and TEKS curriculum.  Based on the needs of the student, this support may be indirect, through consultation with the general education teacher, and/or direct, with the teacher or paraprofessional working directly with the student in the classroom.


    Resource Intervention

    Resource intervention is a pullout service delivery model offered in the student’s specific area of educational need (reading, math, and/or written language). Students placed in resource intervention are working on specific educational goals and objectives developed by the ARD/IEP committee based upon the student’s individual needs. Usually students who require this intervention are unable to successfully participate in general education curriculum at grade level without significant support due to severe learning difficulties. Resource intervention allows these students to progress through the curriculum at their own level with specialized instruction.