• Why do we test students?

    Assessment is necessary for us to know where your child is academically, socially, and emotionally. We use the outcome of assessment to determine the best plan for each student and monitor their progress. 


    What type of testing do you give students?

    We assess students academically in many formal and informal ways such as, through observation, conversation, writing, and using tactile strategies such as, manipulatives, pencil/paper, etc... In Alvin ISD we use various platforms for assessment.

    • DRA - Developmental Reading Assessment: This is a district-wide assessment given to all students at least twice a year (beginning and end) to determine their Instructional Reading level.
    • PAPI - Phonemic Awareness & Phonological Inventory: This is a district-wide assessment given to Kinder-2nd graders (and struggling readers in 3rd-5th) to determine their understand of letters, sounds and basic reading skills.
    • Running Record: This is an ongoing reading assessment given to all students to determine mastery of their reading fluency and comprehension on a certain reading level.
    • CBA - Curriculum Based Assessment: This is a district-wide assessment given to all students throughout the school year to determine mastery of skills taught throughout a grading period. The number of CBAs given changes based on the grade level.
    • NWEA MAP - Measure of Academic Progress: This is a nationally normed assessment given to 2nd-4th graders three time a year to determine growth over all state standards (TEKS). A Growth Report will be sent home to parents after each assessment. 
    • STAAR - State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness: This is a state-wide assessment given to all 3rd-5th grade students at the end of the year to determine their level of mastery on state standards (TEKS). Parents have access to view the results some time in the summer. For more information, visit the Texas Education Agency - Student Assessment page.


    How will I know when my child will be testing?

    We strive to keep parents informed. Please continue to check your email for our campus E-News notifications from your child's teachers with important testing dates and information. 


    What can I do to prepare my child for a test?

    Our teachers are preparing your children to master skills each day. Family support for education is one of the most important ways to partner with your child's school and teachers. Helping your child remember to complete and turn in assignments, do their best, study  before a test are all going to pay off for your child at school. Most teachers will send home a review before a test. Communicating with their teacher is a great way to find out how to help your child at home.


    What if my child is not passing their tests?

    We believe that additional, ongoing instruction and intervention is necessary to help children master concepts and skills. If your child is struggling, we will work together to develop a plan that will best assist your child at his/her level. We will be in contact with you to determine whether further assessment is necessary to rule out any type of disability which may be effecting your child from learning at a typical rate. Alvin ISD offers many beneficial services to support each student is every program.