• Dental Assisting 2022-2023


    Instructor: Shiny George Rm: C109

    Conference M-F 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM

    School Phone: 346-347-4107

    Tutorials available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 3:00PM-3:30PM

    (By appointment only, so please schedule with your instructor)

    Email: skgeorge@alvinisd.net



    Dental Assisting is a course designed to develop deductive reasoning, critical thinking, and effective communication skills to function effectively under the direct supervision of dentists. This course prepares the student for the transition to clinical or work based experiences in the dental field, and provides them a foundation regarding oral health assessment, interpersonal skills, dental ethics, dental laws and regulations, dental terminology, performing minor lab functions, instrument sterilization, operatory set up and tear down, patient interactions, dental record management and basic finance related skills.  



    Students are expected to come to class on time, prepared to learn with their book, pens/pencils, and any other required supplies. 

    Tests may be multiple choice, short answer, essay, research paper, or any combination of the previously stated. Students must make a grade of 70% on all tests in order to receive a passing grade. Students who fail to achieve this 70% will be provided the opportunity to re-test. Students can retest up until one week prior to grades due for each grading period

    Students need to schedule a time for retesting with their instructor PRIOR to coming in for retesting if the test is completed on paper. 

    Students are expected to check Google classroom DAILY for assignments, quizzes, announcements, and class updates. 

    Students must turn in all assignments through Google Classroom or in person in the allotted area.  


    This is a practicum class.  Our lab in school is considered a clinical setting where students participate in hands on dental procedures.  



    All students enrolled in RDA will be subject to a background check and periodic random drug testing.  If a student is found to be using any illegal substance–they will be immediately removed from the RDA program and ineligible to take the certification exam through Alvin ISD. 



    Students will be required to purchase solid black scrubs and wear them to clinicals as well as lab days when assigned.  Scrubs must be neat and pressed with no wrinkles.  Students should arrive in uniform and ready to work.  Hair for females must be pulled back and males should be neatly kept.  No jewelry other than one pair of stud earrings  is allowed for females, and one pair of earrings for males.  Solid closed toed tennis style shoes must be worn.  Nails should be kept short and neat, painted or acrylic nails are NOT allowed.  A watch with a second hand must be worn while in the clinic (No smart watches).  Any student not abiding by the dress code will be sent home or back to school and not be allowed to count the clinic hours for the day. 



    Daily Assignments/ Homework/Quizzes/Professional grade - 40%

    Exams / Projects / Lab Activities and Reports - 60%


    It is the student’s responsibility to complete work missed due to absences. Students are given the number of days they were absent plus one, to make up their assignments. Google Classroom will have notes and powerpoints available for review. Major projects are due by the final date assigned. If students need additional tutoring or assistance with an assignment, they need to schedule time with their instructor.

    ALL assignments are expected to be turned in at the BEGINNING of the class period, unless otherwise noted.

    1st Day Late/Missing = -15 points; highest grade possible 85

    2nd Day Late/Missing = -30 points: highest grade possible 70

    After 3 days late assignments will not be accepted and will be given a grade of ZERO (0).


    These are the professional expectations, the student must maintain: 

    1. Turning in assignments/projects on time (except when excused absences).

    2. Doing your own work.

    3. Participation in group activities.

    4. No office referrals.

    5. Appropriate language. No profanity.

    6. No application of cosmetics or use of grooming supplies during class instruction.

    7. Respect for others and their personal property.

    8. Arriving at the clinic on time and being prepared to work.

    9. No cell phones out unless instructed to do so.


    Students found to have engaged in academic dishonesty shall be subject to grade penalties on assignments or tests and or/disciplinary penalties in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. Academic dishonesty includes but is not limited to cheating or copying the work of other students, plagiarism, and unauthorized communications between students during an examination. 


    Google classroom will be used as a way to communicate, discuss topics within the class as well as submit assignments.  Students are expected to join the Google classroom and participate in discussions.  Grades will be given for participation in discussions on Google classroom.