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    Updated August 4, 2020 - Subject to change based on direction from the State of Texas, Texas Education Agency, and local health authorities.


    In preparation for the 2020-2021 school year, Alvin ISD will also provide instruction via virtual format, Alvin Virtual Learning. Alvin Virtual Learning will be offered through a Remote Synchronous Instruction format and a Remote Asynchronous Instruction format, beginning August 24, 2020.   


    Remote Synchronous Instruction - Two-way, real-time/live, virtual instruction between teachers and students when students are not on campus. Students are expected to be actively engaged in learning with their teacher for a minimum of 4 hours daily.


    Remote Asynchronous Instruction - Instruction that does not require having the instructor and student engaged at the same time.  The student is required to be engaged daily with work and the teacher is required to give daily feedback. Students are expected to be actively engaged in learning with their teacher for a minimum of 4 hours daily.

    Virtual instruction will consist of the following: 

    • Grades PK - 2 - Remote Synchronous Instruction and Remote Asynchronous Instruction
    • Grades 3-5 - Remote Synchronous Instruction and Remote Asynchronous Instruction
    • Grades 6-8 - Remote Synchronous Instruction (core content courses), Remote Asynchronous Instruction (designated elective courses)
    • Grades 9-12 - Remote Synchronous Instruction (core content courses), Remote Asynchronous Instruction (designated elective courses)


    Alvin Virtual Learning Schedule: 


    Junior High

    High School



    Virtual instruction in the 2020-2021 school year in Alvin ISD will look vastly different from virtual instruction during the Spring semester closure. Students must have access to the following:

    • Broadband internet access
    • Laptop or desktop computer for use during normal school hours (Monday-Friday, 7.5-8 hours daily)


    In addition, the following requirements must be met before a student can be enrolled:

    • The student had passing grades at the end of the 2019-2020 school year in all subjects. Parents of students who do not meet this requirement may still complete the AVL commitment form but will need to contact the home campus to make a plan for instructional support.
    • The student participated fully in remote learning during the Spring of 2020 closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • The student does not participate in the Alvin ISD specialized programs of WINGS Academy, STEM Academy, or the Two-way Dual Language Program (held at Passmore Elementary and Marek Elementary). Alvin ISD is currently reviewing ways to provide differentiation and extension of learning for students in these programs who do wish to enroll in virtual learning. Alvin ISD will now be offering AVL for students who participate in the MAP program. However, the most effective instructional model for the complexities of meeting individual student’s needs in the MAP, STEM, and Dual Language programs is face-to-face instruction.


    In order to continue in virtual learning once enrolled, the following requirements must be met:

    • The student will participate in all required coursework and virtual lessons during normal school hours.
    • The student will participate in all tutoring sessions required by the teachers.
    • For accelerated and advanced high school weighted courses, students will need to be able to come to a designated campus on assigned days and times to take assessments on units of study.


    Students participating in virtual instruction will be required to come on campus for learning, and discontinue virtual instruction, if either of the following apply:

    • The student is not making adequate academic progress as evidenced by having a failing class average in one or more subject areas.
    • The student has 3 or more unexcused absences in a grading period.

    A parent meeting will be scheduled regarding discontinuing virtual instruction. A student may only remain virtual if a medical certification is presented to the campus that verifies a health issue of the student or individual in the household.  

    parent support

    Instrucciones para tener subtítulos en español para los videos de YouTube




    How to Log in and join Google Classroom and Google Meet



    google meet


    Using Google Meet



    creating work station


    Creating Your Child's Workspace at Home



    Testing Guidelines for Parents

    Pautas de Evaluación Para los Padres


    Students will be assessed through various modes (in-person or online) and platforms throughout the school year. Alvin ISD has created several testing resources and guidelines for parents and students, whether virtual (AVL) or Face-to-Face. You can find these resources below. 
    Please note: A testing oath for all students and parents must be acknowledged and signed prior to testing. Secondary students can access the oath through their Skyward student account under Online Forms. Elementary students can access their oath through their Homeroom teacher. All parents can access the testing oath in their Skyward Family Access account under Online Forms. Each student must submit a testing oath whether AVL or Face-to-Face. The deadline to submit each oath is September 18, 2020. 




    NWEA MAP Testing Video for Parents and Students

    NWEA MAP Evaluación En Línea-Guía para Padres y Estudiantes





    Interim Testing Video for Parents and Students

    Evaluación Provisional En Línea- Guía para Padres y Estudiantes





    Aware Online Testing for Parents and Students

    AWARE- Evaluación En Línea Guía para Estudiantes y Padres



     Instructions for Submitting the Testing Oath for Parents

    Instrucciones Para Padres Para Enviar El Juramento De Evaluaciones



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