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Important Policies

  • Grading Policy

    Grades will be kept according to the AISD grading policy. To monitor your student’s grades, please see “Skyward” on the district “Parents” webpage. Plagiarism/Academic Dishonesty of any kind is not tolerated and subject to an automatic “0,” plus further disciplinary consequences.


        On-level classes: Tests/Projects = 40%, Daily (Quizzes x 2) = 60%

    Pre-AP (APA) classes: Tests/Projects = 50%, Daily (Quizzes x 2) = 50%


    Make Up Work Policy

    Make up work, or work missed while absent, can be found in file folders on the wall upon entering the classroom. Students are responsible for getting their own work, and can come to tutorials for help. 1 day allotted per each day missed (i.e., if a student is absent 3 days, they will have 3 additional days upon their return to complete the work).


    Late Work Policy

    1 day late: -10

    2 days late: -20

    3 days late: -30

    Assignments lasting 2+ weeks will not be accepted late


    Device Policy

    NOT Seen, NOT Heard, NOT Taken! Please review the next tab on my page titled "Cell Phone/Electronics Policy" for more information.


    Tardy Policy

    Each day, tardies will be marked for every class period, and discipline will be assigned according to the Alvin High School tardy policy.


    Restroom Policy

    Due to new safety measures, classrooms must be locked at all times. To avoid disruptions to instruction, students need to use the restroom during the 6 minute passing period. Students will be permitted if it’s an emergency.



    We will use Chromebooks in the classroom or go to computer labs. We will use Remind to communicate important information (which is like texting on a phone), Google Classroom to access and submit assignments, and Google Drive to access documents created for class. Turn It In, Nearpod, YouTube, and other apps/websites may also be used.


    Required Reading

    For on-level, we will try to provide copies of the texts read in classStudents are required to read novels of choice throughout the year that they must provide a copy of themselves, whether through the library or purchase. Students will read outside of class and create a project for each novel. More information will be provided. Pre-AP (APA) classes will be required to purchase additional texts throughout the school year.



    Our class will follow all campus, district, and state policies. This will include, but is not limited to, the use of face masks, practicing social distancing, and other health/sanitization procedures.