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    Bid Calendars




    Existing Requests for Proposals typically come with a 3 - 5 year term contract providing that both the Vendor and District agree to the terms of the contracts and the terms of the pricing submitted.  Various line item proposals with a term contract will include an escalation clause to allow for price fluctuations with the markets during the term of the contract.    
    Bid Proposal calendars are used to dictate bid proposal extensions prior to the expiration of the proposal contracts.  Vendors under these contracts must renew their proposals to stay approved and awarded vendors with the district under said categories.  Purchasing may send proposals to vendors as their current contract is about to expire to encourage their participation.  Vendors need not reapply to an upcoming proposal unless they would like to add commodities for items they now offer under their company business.
    These calendars may fluctuate with proposal extensions as needs arise in the District.   The District has the option to move up a proposal extension to provide for departmental assistance with various purchases.  
    Vendors are encouraged to check monthly the Bid Calendars and Legal Ads/Current Proposals sections of our Website for new proposal extensions.




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