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    PLEASE NOTE: The details on this page are subject to change as directives are provided by governing authorities and/or health officials or as environmental conditions change. Please check back for the latest accurate information.




    Will there be any changes to the attendance policy this year? 


    The Texas Education Agency states that all attendance rules and guidelines are still in place. There will not be any changes. Students enrolled in virtual learning will have the same attendance requirements as those attending school face-to-face.



    What does AVL mean? 


    AVL stands for Alvin Virtual Learning. This is Alvin ISD’s online instructional program for students who choose to learn from home.



    If my child is a new student to Alvin ISD and we want to participate in AVL, do I still have to enroll him/her in person? 


    Yes. Students must be enrolled in Alvin ISD to enroll in AVL. If you have not enrolled your child, please refer to this link for directions New Student Enrollment. If enrolling in Alvin ISD after July 30th, you will go to your home campus to complete the enrollment process. 



    How can I enroll my child in AVL? 


    Click HERE for instructions on how to complete the Alvin Virtual Learning Commitment Form. 



    What happens if we complete the commitment form for AVL but change our minds before school starts and want to do face-to-face learning? (Updated 7/22/20)


    This change can be accommodated if your decision is made and communicated by August 7. You can make this change by contacting your home campus to let them know that your child will be coming to the campus for face-to-face instruction instead of participating in AVL.



    If I sign my child up for AVL, can I change him/her over to face-to-face instruction at any time during the year?


    Due to the scheduling complexities inherent in these two options, parents will be asked to make a commitment for at least one full 9-week grading period. Special circumstances that affect a family will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please note that if a student switches between face-to-face learning and virtual learning, then that student may not have the same teacher(s) or course schedule, as teachers may or may not be teaching both a face-to-face and a virtual class. Students who move from virtual learning to face-to-face learning may not be guaranteed to be assigned to their home campus based on staffing and grade level/course enrollment availability. 



    If my child participates in AVL, will they still be associated with their home campus?


    Yes, each student will continue to be connected to their home campus. However, your child’s virtual teacher may not be from your home campus. In order to best utilize our resources, teachers will come together from across the district to provide virtual learning. Parents will continue to receive communication from the home campus and will be invited to engage in campus activities throughout the year as feasible.



    Will my student’s AVL teachers be from our home campus?


    The assignment of teachers for AVL will be based on student enrollment. Virtual courses will be taught by certified Alvin ISD teachers. Your student’s teachers may or may not be from your student’s home campus, but because Alvin ISD has talented teachers working across the district, students and parents can expect the same caliber of teaching and a consistent learning experience. In turn, students in your child’s AVL class may or may not be limited to students from your child’s home campus.



    How will virtual learning in the Fall be different from the virtual learning we did in the Spring during the state-wide closure? 


    All districts were in a crisis situation in the Spring with little time for preparation or staff training. Therefore, the expectations in the Spring were very light.  For the reopening of schools, there will be the same expectations for students in virtual instruction as those who are in face-to-face instruction. The Texas Education Agency has put strict criteria in place for school districts to be able to offer virtual instruction when school starts. Consequently, this instruction and the level of student and teacher engagement will be increased tremendously from what  it was in the Spring. 


    Students who enroll in AVL will be required to virtually attend and participate in class daily, for 7 ½ to 8 hours, during regular school hours, and specified instruction will be led by a virtual teacher. In the Spring of last year, students’ assignments were provided at a reduced amount of instructional minutes as compared to a traditional school day. Virtual learning this year will be a full course load of instruction and assignments that are comparable to what students who are attending school in-person will be required to complete. Teachers delivering virtual instruction will receive additional training and support in best practices that are effective in a remote, online environment. 



    Will AVL curriculum be more difficult to learners than the face-to-face curriculum? (Updated 7/22/20)

    No, both the AVL and face-to-face will follow the same curriculum. The mode of learning, online versus in-person, is different but not the curriculum. High school students will earn the same GPA points, based on our GPA scale, for courses as face-to-face students will earn for those same courses.



    Will grading be different for virtual learning vs. face to face learning? 


    No, according to TEA guidance, the grading policies for virtual instruction must be consistent with the district’s grading policies for on-campus learning.



    Will meals be provided for Virtual Learners? (Updated 8/18/2020)

    Yes. Please click here to see the AVL Curbside Meal Pick Up Information.



    Will STAAR/EOC be administered in the 2020-2021 school year? Will students participating in AVL have to take the STAAR/EOC exams?


    Yes. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has indicated that STAAR testing will still occur during the 2020-2021 school year, in compliance with state and federal legislation. All students, in STAAR/EOC designated grade levels, will have to take the exams. Students in AVL will be required to come to a designated campus on designated days and times to complete STAAR/EOC exams.



    What happens after making a commitment to participate in AVL?


    For elementary students, the assigned virtual teacher will contact the parent/student near the start of the school year welcoming them to their class.


    For secondary students, Alvin ISD staff will make adjustments to course schedules placing students in AVL courses. A parent/student may be contacted to discuss any applicable scheduling options based on the student’s current course selection.



    Is Pre-Kindergarten in the AVL setting a full day or half day program?


    Due to the age of a Pre-K student, participating in a full day of virtual instruction is not age-appropriate. Therefore, the AVL Pre-Kindergarten curriculum will be offered only for a half day. 



    Do Pre-kindergarten students still have to meet state eligibility requirements to enroll in Alvin ISD and in AVL, just as they do for face-to-face learning?


    Yes, the state eligibility requirements are the same for Pre-K students to participate in AVL as they are for face-to-face learning.



    Will virtual lessons be taught live or via pre-recorded video and be self-paced? 


    Students in AVL will have lessons and coursework for a full 7 ½ - 8 hour school day. More than half of the day will be spent participating in live, virtual instruction between students and their teachers. The virtual instruction will be done through a combination of a Remote Synchronous Instruction format and a Remote Asynchronous Instruction format.  


    Remote Synchronous Instruction - Two-way, real-time/live, virtual instruction between teachers and students when students are not on campus learning. Students are expected to be actively engaged in learning with their teacher for a minimum of 4 hours daily.


    Remote Asynchronous Instruction - Instruction that does not require having the instructor and student engaged at the same time.  The student is required to be engaged daily with work and the teacher is required to give consistent feedback. 


    AVL will consist of the following: 

    • Grades PK - 2 - Remote Synchronous Instruction and Remote Asynchronous Instruction
    • Grades 3-5 - Remote Synchronous Instruction and Remote Asynchronous Instruction
    • Grades 6-8 - Remote Synchronous Instruction (core content courses), Remote Asynchronous Instruction (designated elective courses)
    • Grades 9-12 - Remote Synchronous Instruction (core content courses), Remote Asynchronous Instruction (designated elective courses)



    Will students participating in AVL receive live, teacher-led instruction for the full length of a school day?


    No. However, students in AVL will have lessons and coursework for a full 7 ½ - 8 hour school day. A structured schedule will be provided to students indicating required times for participation in approximately 4 hours of live, synchronous instruction each day. The schedule will reflect short periods of synchronous learning scheduled throughout the day followed by time for independent and asynchronous learning activities. It will also include breaks and lunch. The schedule may vary by grade, course, or student. A caregiver will need to be available to support younger students in navigating the daily schedule and providing assistance with the learning as needed. During virtual learning, time management will be critical to student success. Students, teachers, and parents should utilize frequent communication regarding daily schedules and assignments to ensure that students are progressing towards mastery of the learning outcomes.



    What will a typical daily schedule look like for an AVL student? (Updated 8/6/2020)


    Students in AVL will engage in a full 7 ½ - 8 hour school day just as students in our school buildings will. The school time periods will closely mirror each other. Depending on the student and his or her grade level, selected coursework and individual needs, the amount of live instruction (synchronous) versus independent instruction (asynchronous) may differ student to student. 

    Alvin Virtual Learning Schedules:


    Junior High

    High School




    Will elementary students have breaks throughout the day just as they do when they attend school face-to-face? (Updated 7/22/20)

    Yes. Individual elementary AVL teachers will schedule short breaks throughout the day for students as needed (to take care of student personal needs, recess, individual reading time, etc.).


    How will attendance be taken for AVL?


    In order to be counted present in the virtual setting, students will have to be actively engaged in learning with their teachers for a minimum of 240 minutes each day, during scheduled school hours. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) requires daily attendance and participation in virtual learning. Students will be required to participate in online classes daily and traditional attendance rules will be enforced. A student will be considered absent if the student does not engage in the designated live-instruction and/or independent learning activities each day.



    Will the AVL curriculum mirror the on-campus curriculum?


    AVL will have a separate instructional design by nature of it being conducted online, but will utilize the same curriculum and grading guidelines as face-to-face instruction. The AVL assignments may look different but they will cover the same content and skills as on-campus instruction.



    Will all courses that are offered face-to-face be offered in AVL for students in Grades 6 - 12?


    Many courses will be offered. However, based on the specific course requirements, there are some specialized courses that will not be available in AVL. If a student enrolls in AVL but has a course selection that is not offered, that student’s parents will be contacted prior to school starting. In order to participate in these courses, the student will have to choose on-campus learning instead of virtual learning. A student can also choose to have their course selections changed in order to remain in AVL. Campus staff will work with students choosing to have their selections changed to identify a suitable replacement course, if available, and adjust their schedule. Students in AVL will have access to all levels of instruction (Regular, APA and AP) and will be provided with a variety of core classes and limited elective choices.



    Is a hybrid learning schedule possible? Can students take some classes in-person and some classes virtually? (Updated 8/18/2020)


    Alvin ISD is not reviewing a Hybrid option at this time. 



    What will the online platform be for AVL?


    Students will engage in virtual learning through Google Classroom. Although other instructional resources will be utilized (such as Nearpod) just as they are in face-to-face classes, they will be accessed through Google Classroom.



    I don't know my school email address and password to log in to Google Classroom? (Updated 8/18/2020)






    How will Alvin ISD’s youngest students manage Google Classroom courses? 


    AVL teachers will spend time at the start of school teaching students and parents the aspects of Google Classroom that our youngest students will need to utilize during learning. It will not be near as involved as it will be for older students. Parents or caregivers of young students will need to assist students with some activities (i.e. uploading assignments) but will not be expected to teach the student lessons.



    In order to participate in AVL, does a student have to have access to a laptop and internet at their home or is Alvin ISD providing computers and/or internet hotspots for students who choose to participate in AVL? (Updated 7/23/2020)


    At this time, Alvin ISD does not own an adequate number of resources to distribute devices to each student. The district has been working to increase our inventory of devices; however, many suppliers are currently backordered by up to 2 months. For this reason, a priority is being placed on providing support to families with an identified economic hardship. To further support families, Alvin ISD will make accommodations for students to participate in the online virtual start of school by utilizing physical devices at their home campus.

    Internet Service Provider Offerings for qualified low-income households



    If I have multiple children participating in AVL, will they each have to have their own computer? 


    Yes. All students will participate in virtual instruction during normal school hours and will follow a specific schedule. For much of the day, the student and teacher will have to be online at the same time for teaching and learning. Therefore, multiple children in the same household would not be able to use the same computer. They all will need to be online with their individual AVL teachers during the same time period. Here is a website with inexpensive devices for students: Computer Options for Purchase.



    Are iPads acceptable for use by students participating in AVL? 


    Although iPads can work for some virtual instruction activities, they cannot work for all. Therefore, a student participating in AVL needs a laptop, such as an inexpensive Chromebook, to complete assignments. Here is a website with inexpensive devices for students: Computer Options for Purchase.



    Are smart phones acceptable for use by students participating in AVL? 


    Although smart phones can work for some virtual instruction activities, they cannot work for all. Therefore, a student participating in AVL needs a laptop, such as an inexpensive Chromebook, to complete assignments. Here is a website with inexpensive devices for students: Computer Options for Purchase.



    Will students in AVL have access to instructional materials, such as guided reading books or other classroom resources?


    Students will be provided with some instructional materials that will vary based on the grade level and coursework of the student. Some resources may be provided digitally. The design of classroom instruction will account for student’s access to specific instructional materials in the home.



    Will students participating in AVL need to purchase school supplies for the new year?


    Yes. Families will need to purchase typical school supplies. All work will not be completed in a digital format. However, pictures will need to be taken of non-digital work and uploaded into Google Classroom for evaluation and feedback.



    Will resources be available for parents to support and monitor their child’s virtual learning? (Updated 8/18/2020)


    Yes. Resources will be available for parents to learn how to support students in navigating learning through these digital tools. Check out these parent/student resource videos: https://www.alvinisd.net/Page/44469



    Will courses taken in AVL be included in GPA calculations and class rank for high school students?


    Yes. Courses taken by students participating in AVL will be included in calculating GPA and class rank in accordance with EIC (Local) policy. 



    What about students receiving specific related services?


    Students who are guaranteed related services through Special Education, English as a Second Language, Bilingual Education, 504, etc. and choose AVL will be provided the opportunity to convene a meeting to revise their supports and services to ensure we meet the needs of our students virtually.



    If my child is identified as Gifted and Talented through the school system, will his or her instructional needs be able to be met in the virtual learning environment?


    Yes. Alvin ISD Advanced Academics Specialists will support students and classroom teachers in serving identified gifted and talented students by planning instruction and learning experiences that will meet the unique needs of these students who participate in AVL.



    Will WINGS, STEM, and Dual Language programs be offered through AVL? 


    At this time, these Alvin ISD specialized programs will not be offered through AVL. However, for any student currently in these programs who chooses to participate in AVL, we are working to develop ways to continue to challenge and enrich their learning. The Advanced Academics department is working on several options to ensure the progression of student learning. However, the most effective instructional model for the complexities of meeting individual student’s needs in the WINGS, STEM, and Dual Language programs is face-to-face instruction.



    Will the MAP Program be offered through AVL? (Updated 7/22/20)


    Yes, students enrolled in the MAP program will be able to participate in AVL if they choose. However, the most effective instructional model for the complexities of meeting individual student’s needs in the MAP program is face-to-face instruction.



    If a student who participates in the WINGS, MAP, STEM, or Dual Language program starts the school year enrolled in AVL, will he/she be able to stay in the program if he/she returns to in-person learning?


    Yes, as long as the student returns to in-person learning at the start of a new grading period, he/she will be able to stay in the WINGS, MAP, STEM, or the Dual Language program. However, assigned teachers may be different when a child returns to campus because teachers for AVL are coming from all over the district. 



    Will advanced courses such as APA (Alvin ISD Pathway to Advancement) and AP (Advanced Placement) be offered in AVL?  


    Yes, advanced courses will be available in AVL. The course offerings will follow the normal process for enrollment. All junior high APA courses will be available at the junior high campuses. AP course availability at the high school campuses will be determined by enrollment and staffing availability. A student enrolled in an advanced course may have an instructor from another campus.  



    If a child participates in AVL, can they still participate in campus clubs or other campus organizations?


    Yes, students are able to participate in after school home campus clubs and organizations if they meet all eligibility requirements. Students must have their own transportation to and from the campus. 



    Can students in grades 7-12 who select AVL still participate in UIL/extracurricular competitions,
    including athletics, fine arts, etc?


    Yes, students who select AVL may participate in UIL courses/events if they meet all UIL requirements and grade expectations, are enrolled in the applicable course section, and are able to attend on-campus practices and competitions. Students must have their own transportation to and from the campus. 



    Will students still be able to take Dual Enrollment classes in the 2020-2021 school year?


    We are waiting for information from ACC on how Dual Enrollment courses will be offered. This answer will be updated once we have further information.



    Will Career and Technical Education Classes at JB Hensler College & Career Academy continue for the 2020-2021 school year? 


    Alvin ISD plans for JB Hensler (JBH) CTE classes to continue for 2020-2021. However, for students who enroll in AVL, these courses will be limited. Most advanced CTE courses require hands-on learning with equipment that is only available at the JBH campus. If a student enrolls in AVL and the virtual courses offered do not align with the student’s course preferences, a school counselor will contact the student’s parents to discuss options prior to the start of school.