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    Based on research, we believe that teaching positive character traits improves student outlook, behavior, and academic performance. It is important to all stakeholders at our school that we create an atmosphere where students exceed in learning while developing bonds of friendship and a sense of community that will last a lifetime.  We strive to provide for our children not only the best academic environment possible but also a safe place where faculty, staff, and students sow seeds of kindness, love, trust, respect, empathy, perseverance and other honorable character traits.  


    invite you to join me and the Jaguar staff to promote an environment of Jaguar Pride as we reach academic goals, develop important character strengths, and create a positive school spirit. I encourage you to talk to your students regarding their progress towards their goals and ways they have demonstrated the character traits of responsibility, respect, fairness, citizenship, caring, and trustworthiness. #PawsUp 

    Dr. Tina McCorkle 


    We look forward to exploring these character strengths with our Character Strength by Month.


    Each month represents a Character Trait.
    When you click the Character Strength Badge you will find the words
    of the week along with questions and or activities to do at home.


    At the end of each month you will be able to download of the nine Character Strength Badges.


    AntiBullying Respect Responsibility

     Citizenship Trustworthiness CARING

    Fairness Grit Character