• What is Mindfulness? Paying full attention to something and slowing down to really pay attention to what you are doing.


    Why is Mindfulness important? It can help us regulate our emotions and calm our anxieties. It can help us really focus on the present and what we can control.


    54321- Helps with anxiety by bringing you back to the present


    Identify 5 things you can see

    Identify 4 things you can hear

    Identify 3 things you can feel

    Identify 2 things you can smell

    Identify 1 thing you can taste



    Mindfulness Breathing Exercise





    Mindfulness Walk


    Take a walk outside and pay attention to what you can hear, smell, see and feel. Be intentional about what you are doing so you bring yourself back into the present.                                                



    We hope you guys are taking care and staying busy. We miss seeing you everyday and can’t wait to get back to school. We hope you try some of the activities to help you in these current times.


    Take care,

    Your Counselors

    Mrs. Fontenot and Ms. Saldivar