• As we have shifted to the online classroom, please read the following:

    *Students who do not have a computer/internet and are unable to complete online will be required to pick up a packet (hard copy) of assignments from Manvel High School campus. 

    Google Hangouts (for students and parents) will be used for students to interact with the instructor daily: Monday- Friday 10:00 am- 11:00 am

    Use the link  to access the "Hangout": meet.google.com/cys-uwju-rcn


    Students will use the following online tools to access their school work and resources ranging from notes and videos to be able to successfully complete their three tasks a week: (Make sure you are signed up for YOUR class period/subject)

    Google Classroom (code can be found through teacher site)-refer to other page

    www.NoRedInk.com  (code can be found in your google classroom)

    Remind 101  (code can be found through teacher site)- refer to other page



    Each week students will have an oppotunity to meet with eacher via Google Hangouts

    Each week students will recieve 3 tasks to complete: 

    Google Classroom

    Discussion Post- Students are expected to respond to the "choice novel" reading question for the week in a minimum of five sentenes including textual evidence as well as responding to a peers posts in a minimum of three sentences. Students will posts directly to the post.

    Article fo the Week- Students are expected to read the article and based upon the key topics at the bottom of the article compose a multi-paragraph essay.

     Some weeks students will read the article of the week and answer the analysis questions that follow. Students will create a google doc and attach assignment.


    Grammar Exercise- Each week there will be a different grammar focus. Task should not exceed 15-20 minutes. 

    Students will recieve feedback from instructors. 

    CPE Students:

    IGC project- students will complete the IGC project first. Once they have completed the project, they are expected to complete the assignments for that week. For instance if student does not finish IGC project until week 2, then they will begin assignments for week 3 during week 3. They are not responsible for weeks 1 and 2, as their IGC project work will serve as completion.