• During our time off for the Coronavirus I will send you notes and assignments through our google classroom. 

    Our google classroom code is yefy512 if you have not joined yet.


    The Geometry team will offer "tutorial sessions" via a google hangouts meet twice a day for 30 minuntes, Monday - Thursdays.  As long as you are logged in within the time frame, we will make sure we have everyones questions answered before you log off that day.  If you are unable to log in or still have questions feel free to contact your teacher via email or through their google classroom.

    Tutorial Times:

    Mr. Faith

    Thursday and Friday from 11:00am - 11:30am

    Mrs. Sustaita

    Wednesday and Friday from 1:00pm - 1:30pm

    Coach Iles

    Tuesday and Friday from 8:00am - 9:00am 

    Mr. Graumann

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 2:00pm - 2:30pm

    You can also call in at: 1-406-530-8126 PIN: 834 463 570#

    Mrs. Sluismans

    Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00am - 8:30am

    You can also call in at 1-929-266-2539 (Wednesday) and 1-719-800-2702 (Thursday)

     Mrs. Ortiz

    Wednesday and Friday from 10:00am - 11:00am



    Click on the day and time above you would like to join.  It will open up a google calendar event.  In the event click on the "join hangouts meet"  that will connnect you to the hang out.  When you join, please mute the microphone on your device unless you are trying to ask a question.  This will eliminate all the background noise that may be going on around you.

    Messasg me in google classroom if you are having difficulties logging in.



    Our textbook is online and you can find a link in your google suite.  You can also download the app if you would like to access it on your phone.  See me after class if you have questions or have trouble getting the online textbook.

    I know this is very different for many of you to try to learn this way.  It is deffinately a differnt way for me to teach.  We will do our best to get through all of this.  The most important thing for you to remember is to at least practice some at home and reach out and ask questions if you have them.  We are all working as a team to make the best of the situation at hand.  I appreciate your patience through the process and am looking forward to seeing all of you again in person soon.