• Mindfulness/Anxiety Apps

    Headspace (Android and iOS) – Visually Appealing Mindfulness/Meditation App with cute animations. Able to get some free sessions or subscribe for more.

    Settle Your Glitter (Andriod and iOS) – Has a puffer-fish that young kids can follow to learn deep breathing and focus attention.

    Breathe – OMG I Can Meditate (Andriod and iOS) –  Great app that I use daily! It has some free and more when you subscribe. The thing I like about this app is the meditations for kids are just the right length of time, running around 8 min.

    Stop, Breathe & Think (Andriod and iOS) – Learn to track emotions to reduce stress and anxiety. This app lets you check-in with your emotion, then meditate, then check-in again. This may be helpful over a period of time for some students.

    Calm (Andriod and iOS) – Various length of guided mediation ranging from 3-25 minutes. This app also has tons of topics for guided meditations, as well as, open-meditation times featuring nature sounds, etc.

    Mind Yeti (iOS and mindyeti.com) – Mindfulness for kids 5-12 years old. This app is very engaging and uses cute animated characters to teach kids how to calm down, focus and connect.

    GoNoodle (Andriod and iOS) – GoNoodle is amazing! If you have not tried it out yet… please do! You will not regret it! This has so many fun brain-break ideas. But what I love about this app/website, is the Channels. Take some time and try FLOW, BRAINERCISE, THINK ABOUT IT, MAXIMO, EMPOWER TOOLS