• Student Transfer Regulations


    APPROVAL GUIDELINES -  Student must be in good standing with discipline and attendance to be eligible for transfer.


    • Attendance - less than 5 absences, of any kind, in the previous school year.
    • Tardies - less than 5 tardies, in the previous school year.
    • Discipline - less than 3 discipline referrals
    • Discipline - no significant discipline consequence, ISS, OSS, or alternative placement.


    1. Students shall be assigned to schools according to the attendance zone in which they reside. The Department of Student and Administrative Services shall have the authority to review and approve in-district and out of district transfers in specific situations.


    2. A transfer request must be submitted within the filing deadline on the District Transfer Request Form, which can be obtained from the office of Student and Administrative Services located at 610 E. Clemens St. Alvin, Texas 77511.  All transfer requests shall be renewed and approved on an annual basis.


    3. Any campus at 90% or more of its building capacity will not accept transfers under any circumstances.


    4. For any campus under 90% of its building capacity, transfers will not be approved unless extenuating circumstances exist.


    5. The district shall not be responsible for the transportation of students who receive in-district or out of district transfers. Transportation for students who have transferred to a school for which they are not zoned must be provided by the parent/guardian.  Shuttles from campus to campus will not be provided. 


    6. A student transfer may be revoked whenever district administration establishes that a student: 

    • Has been truant;
    • Fails to maintain satisfactory conduct;
    • Fails to maintain passing grades;
    • Fails to be punctual;
    • Violates the Student Code of Conduct;
    • Commits any other act considered to be prejudicial to the best interest of the school;
    • Has a change of address;
    • Parent provides false information to the school district


     Extenuating circumstances may include, but are not limited to:

    • Program offerings.  Students shall be authorized to petition for a transfer under the program offerings basis.  In such cases, the student or parent shall be required to demonstrate that the student wishes to pursue study in a subject area for which no course offering exists at the student’s assigned school, but does exist in another attendance zone.  If the student is no longer participating in the program, they will be returned back to the home campus. 
    • Siblings of students who are served in programs as listed above while the sibling attends the program on the same campus.  If the sibling is no longer participating in the program, they will be returned back to the home campus.
    • Evidence of home purchase within 90 Days
    • An employee’s child who is in attendance at the same campus in which the employee works or who is in attendance at a campus for which the employee’s workplace is zoned.  For employees not located at a campus, the “home campus” is determined by the district.  




    Alvin ISD does not accept out of district transfers. 

    Contact the office of Student and Administrative Services, at 281-245-2440 or via email adminservice@alvinisd.net for all transfer questions.