• Students that have questions about their grades or specific assignments may address these concerns during tutorials.


    **Students will receive feedback for activities and/or assignments, however the feedback does not have to be in the form of a single grade.**


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    Grades are updated in Skyward's Family Access Portal in a timely manner.


    Skyward's Family Access allows students and parents to view not only grades, but attendance and schedules. 


    Skyward can be accessed using the following link:  




    Major Grades 40% (50% PAP)


    Major grades include, but not limited to, unit tests, computation tests, projects and district benchmarks.  Test dates are provided at least one week in advance via the math calendar.


    Students may retake failing unit tests for a maximum grade of an 80. 


    Daily Grades 60% (50% PAP)


    Daily grades include, but not limited to, daily assignments, classroom participation, classroom discussions, teacher observations and homework.

    All strategies must be shown to receive credit. 

    Students cannot redo or correct daily grades.


    Extra Credit


    Extra Credit is not offered.


    Late Work Policy


    No Late Work will not be accepted for quizzes or exams.

    The assignment is considered late if it is not turned in at the time it is due.  Late work will receive a grade penalty of 10% per day.


    Make-Up Work


    A student is considered absent if they are not physically present in class, whether it is for administration office visits, extracurricular activities, in-school activities or out of school absences.


    For an absence in any class, the teacher may assign the student makeup work.  A student will be responsible for obtaining and completing the makeup work.  


    A student who does not make up assigned work within the time allotted will receive a zero for the missed assignment.


    Make-up work is expected to be completed outside of class and may require student tutorials. Any assignment that is due on the day of the absence is due on the day of return.


    *Teachers are not required to provide assignments prior to an absence.*


    Discretion may be used for unusual circumstances.


    Academic Dishonesty 


    Academic dishonesty is defined as using a person’s work, concepts, designs, ideas, research or documentation without giving proper credit to the sources. It includes lying, cheating and using or providing unauthorized materials during an assignment. Academic dishonesty may result in both academic and disciplinary consequences.