The Auto Group is Racing into the Recruiting Season




    Collision Repair and Shadow Creek Auto Basics students are building a special vehicle to spark an interest in the 8th-12th  grade student population in an effort to lure more students into auto and collision courses. The collision students drew up a blueprint and fabricated a “junior dragster” that consisted of a rolling chassis and aluminum body panels that were all created from scratch. We have a local NHRA Super Competition Racer named John Warren who donated some parts from his race car and offered us technical advice. We also had one of our program advisory council members, Carl Gerges from Richmond Equipment, help incorporate golf cart and ATV technologies within the build. His company is interested in employing some of our Auto Tech and Collision students in the future.


    We recently came up with this dragster concept to fulfill three main tasks: (1) recruit new students, (2) incorporate new curriculum, and (3) provide a hands-on platform for the Auto Basics Courses. So far, it has been a big hit and the project has been well received by all parties involved, especially the students.




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