Attendance Intervention

    Did You Know
     Did you know?
    • Did you know that under the Texas State Law, it is the parent's duty to monitor their child's attendance?
    • Did you know that once a student has unexcused absences for three (3) or more days or parts of days in a four (4) week period, a parent and/or student commits a criminal offense?
    • Did you know that once a person has been filed on for truancy offence, it can result in a judge ordering drug testing of the parent?
    Alvin ISD supports parents in their efforts to monitor their children's attendance.  We aspire to partner with parents to keep students in school.  Please contact your child's school office to enroll in the TEAMS parent self-serve, which will enable you to monitor your child's attendance.  
    What Can Parents Do?
    MAKE REGULAR SCHOOL ATTENDANCE A PRIORITY IN YOUR FAMILY! As a parent, you have the greatest impact on whether or not your child will attend school properly.  Show your child that education is important....their future depends on it!
    Tips and Suggestions 
    • Monitor your child's attendance
    • View tardies as unacceptable behavior
    • Set limits-- video games, TV, internet usage, working part-time jobs, after school activities
    • Schedule doctor's appointments before or after school when possible
    • Provide plenty of time in the morning to get ready
    • Be your child's best supporter-- Set high expectations, while offering encouragement and praise
    • Be involved-- Talk with teachers and counselors
    • Help set goals-- discuss it, write it, post it
    • Participate at your child's school-- volunteer, chaperone, fund-raise
    • Know your child's friends
    • Don't always rescue your child-- If you regularly create excuses for poor attendance, your child will do the same

    If your child skips school:

    Take immediate action and talk to your child to find out why he/she did not attend school.
    Talk to the school-- Alvin ISD is here to assist you in finding a solution.
    Possible Solutions:   

    More supervision
    After-school tutoring
    Assistance with alcohol and drug problem
    Evaluation for learning disability   
    Dangers of Truancy:
    An unexcused absence from school is called truancy.  This includes skipping classes or an entire day of school.

    Truancy puts students at risk for:
    • Criminal behavior
    • Alcohol and drug use
    • Teen pregnancy
    • Poor grades/loss of credit
    • Involvement with gangs
    • Poor work habits
    • Dropping out
    • Frustration in learning
    • Low self-esteem

    Truancy increases the risk that students will drop out of school.

     Drop outs are more likely to:
    • Be unemployed
    • Earn less money than high school and college graduates
    • Be dependent on public assistance
    • Serve time in prison
    For more information, please contact one of the following individuals:
    Tammy Taylor
    Alvin ISD Attendance Intervention Coordinator
    (281) 245-2968
    Veronica Reseburg
    Alvin High School Attendance Liaison
    (281) 245-2628
    Kelly McCrummen
    Manvel High School Attendance Liaison
    (281) 245-2232
    Pamela Richardson
    Shadow Creek High School Attendance Liaison
    (281) 245-3821