• Welcome to the Social Studies Department's Staff Page!
    The following are members of our Department:


     Administrator: Aaron Webb- Assistant  Principal
                                               Department Chair and Instructional Coach : Mary Stimson


    World Geography Team       

    Team Lead: Meagan Bunker: World Geography 
    Haide Harrington:  World Geography 
    Monte Piper: World Geography
    Wade Geeslin: World Geography
    Amber Hansen:AP Human Geography, Pre-AP World Geography and World Geography
    Jared Wise: AP Human Geography, Pre-AP World Geography, Government

    World History

     AP Human Geography Team
    Jared Wise : AP Human Geography
    Amber Hansen: AP Human Geography
    World History Team                   
    Team Lead: Danny Rodriguez- World History
    Victoria Williams: World History andAP World History  
    James Jeanes: AP World History
    James Shewmake: World History and Sociology
    Roger King:  World History & French
    Reggie Taylor: World History

    US History

    United States History Team

    Team Lead: Sienna Flores US History 
    Andrew Deleon: Dual Credit US History & US History
    Kenneth Harms: AP US History and US History
    Meredith Belvins: US History
    Paul Summa: AP US History & Academic Decathalon
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    Economics Team

    Team Lead: Bob Somers: Economics
    Robin Foster: AP Macroeconomics, Economics, Academic Decathalon, Rho Kappa, and Diamond Dolls
    Terrence Taylor: Economics and Government


    Government Team

     Team Lead: Carrie Stromberg:  Government, Psychology, and AP Psychology 
    Mary Stimson: AP Government and Politics and Close Up Washington, DC Sponsor
    Terrance Taylor: Government and Economics
    Jared Wise: AP Human Geography, PAP World Geography, Government
    Megan Bunker: World Geography and Government
    The World

    AP Courses

    AP Human Geography-Jared Wise and Amber Hansen
    AP Macro Economics-Robin Foster
    AP US History-Paul Summa and Kenneth Harms
    AP Psychology- Carrie Stromberg
    AP World History-James Jeanes and Victoria Williams
    AP Government and Politics-Mary Stimson
    Sociology-James Shewmake
    Psychology-Carrie Stromberg