• Teachers and students follow these steps to sign in and access the MHE Google app:
    1. Go to https://www.google.com/.
    2. If you are not currently signed in, Select Sign In on the upper right corner of the page. If you are already signed in to your district Google account, go to step 5.
    3. Select an existing Google account or select Use another account.
    4. Enter the district credentials you use for Google apps or G Suite™ for Education and sign in.
    5. Select the grid or waffle icon on the upper right corner of the page. Continue with the steps below to access the MHE Google app.
    6. Select any Google app, such as GMail™, Google Docs™, or Google Drive. G Suite™ should appear next to your profile icon.
    7. Select the grid or waffle icon again. If the MHE Google app does not appear on the top section, select More to display additional apps. The MHE Google app should appear on the list of apps as shown below. The apps you see are likely different from what you see in the image.
    8. Select the McGraw-Hill Education app to access your MHE programs landing page. Students access the My Classes landing page.


    Using the ConnectED App on a Tablet

    Install the App
    Follow the steps below to install the ConnectED app on a device running a supported operating system.
    Check the system requirements at http://help.k12.mhedu.com/systemcheck/.
    1. Access the appropriate App Store.
    2. Search for “McGraw-Hill K-12 ConnectED” and select the McGraw-Hill K-12 ConnectED
    app icon (see image on the right).
    3. Follow the normal process to install the free McGraw-Hill K-12 ConnectED app.
    Log In
    Since single sign-on users do not have a my.mheducation.com username and
    password, they cannot directly log in to the ConnectED app. To view eBooks
    and resources in the ConnectED app, users launch the app by accessing a
    ConnectED digital program via a web browser on the tablet.
    Follow these steps to access ConnectED program content on the ConnectED
    1. Go to https://www.google.com/ and sign in using the district credentials
    you use for Google apps or G Suite™ for Education.
    2. After signing in, go to https://apps.google.com/user/hub to display your
    apps and select the McGraw-Hill Google app. Your apps may be
    different than those shown in the image on the right.
    The McGraw-Hill Google app should appear on your list of apps. Your
    district may name the app something different than McGraw-Hill
    Education. Your app may be named ConnectED or McGraw-Hill
    3. Select Launch App that appears on the right side of the page.
    Students select Open for the ConnectED app on the right side
    of the My Classes page.
    4. The app bypasses the login screen and automatically logs you in to the app.

    Download eBooks
    The book bag contains all programs licensed to the user. If the account has several books, swipe the book
    image to the left or right to display additional titles. A program may have one or more eBooks. Tap
    Download eBook to begin the download process. If there is more than one eBook, tap Available eBooks
    and select one or both book titles. The “Pending” status means that one or more eBooks are downloading or
    queued for download.
    Be aware that it may take several minutes to download each eBook depending on the download speed in
    the current location. Remain connected to the internet while downloading eBooks. The number of titles in the
    queue to be downloaded appears on the Downloads indicator. In this example, three
    eBooks are currently downloading or are queued for download.
    Remove eBooks
    To provide offline access, eBooks are downloaded and saved on the tablet. The number of books that can
    be downloaded is dependent on the amount of storage space on the device. To remove eBooks and free up
    storage space on the device, select Downloads and then select Edit. Select the red circle next to the title
    and then select Delete to remove the book from the device.
    Open Books and Resources
    Tap Downloads to view the download status and view a list of downloaded titles that are available on the
    device. To open a downloaded eBook, select Bookbag. Select a book and then select Open eBook to open
    the book. Programs may also include resources for teachers and students. Once a book cover is selected,
    the eBooks and resources available appear in the list. Be aware that functionality is limited when using a
    tablet device. Greater functionality is provided by accessing the ConnectED program using a web browser
    on the device. See the “Access ConnectED Programs” section for more information.
    Flash® program resources and games will not display on an iPad®. Use a computer, laptop, or
    Chromebook™ to view these resources.
    Access ConnectED Programs
    It is recommended that teachers access ConnectED program resources, such as videos and worksheets,
    using a web browser. Follow the instructions on page 1 to log in using the district credentials you use for
    Google apps or G Suite™ for Education and select the McGraw-Hill Education Google app. Teachers land
    on the My ConnectED Programs page. Students land on the My Classes page. Teachers and students
    select a program or class and navigate to class and program resources just as they would on a computer or
    laptop. Be aware that not all program content, tools and resources work on tablets.
    Flash® program resources and games will not display on an iPad®. Use a computer, laptop, or
    Chromebook™ to view these resources.
    Third-party Apps
    Worksheets and other resources open up as PDFs on tablet devices. There are a wide variety of apps that
    enable users to save and annotate PDF content. Apps used to store content include Dropbox, Google
    Drive™, Microsoft OneDrive™, Evernote®, and iCloud®. Annotation and note-taking apps include PDF
    Writer, Adobe® Reader®, Pages®, Evernote®, Microsoft OneNote™, Notability, Google Docs™, Google
    Keep™, and Simplenote, to name a few.
    PDF Writer is a feature of Adobe® Acrobat® Standard DC
    Notability is a registered trademark of Ginger Labs, Inc.
    © 2019 McGraw-Hill Education, Inc. All rights reserved. 3
    Offline Access
    Student eBooks can be viewed without an internet connection. Be sure to download eBooks completely
    before going offline. The ability to take notes, highlight passages, write on eBook pages, view lesson plans
    and resources require an internet connection.
    The image on the right displays on the Settings, Bookbag, and Downloads pages to indicate
    that a network connection is not detected.
    Teachers and students need to remain logged in to the app if they plan to view eBooks offline. If a user
    logs out of the app, an internet connection is required to log back in.

    Need additional help?
    Email Integration Support at IntegrationSupport@mheducation.com or call 1-855-315-6417. For additional
    help, access the Digital Technical Support website at https://mhed.us/dts.