Jaylah Davis

    Jasmine Nalasco

    Jaylah Davis, SCHS Senior

    Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)

    Jasmine Nalasco, AHS Senior

    Veterinary Science

    What Jaylah's teacher, Ms. Tapp, has to say about Jaylah:


    Jaylah always comes to class with a positive attitude and willingness to learn. She is excited to be here and engaged in what we are doing. We recently learned vital signs and she wanted extra practice, so she attended tutorials and even brought her mom to be her patient! Jaylah has done very well on her tests and skills assessments while still managing to make college visits and play varsity basketball. Overall, she is a great student who has a bright future ahead of her!


    What Jaylah has to say about her learning experiences at JBH:


    Honestly, when I started the CMA class I was really nervous, because of what I heard from former students saying it was really hard and challenging. The first day I stepped into class I fell in love. I love the environment and the overall attitude of the class. I truly enjoy my classmates and we have so much fun together. I also enjoy my Teacher, Ms.Tapp. I love how she is a hard-working mother to her three beautiful children and is still able to be an amazing teacher. My goal everyday in this class isn't to simply pass, but to uplift my fellow classmates and give them encouragement because education can be difficult sometimes. But as long as you have that one person cheering you on, it becomes a whole lot easier.


    What Jasmine's teacher, Ms. Thompson, has to say about Jasmine:


    Jasmine has been working diligently to complete her clinical hours at her vet clinic. She has completed the most hours out of all of the practicum students so far. She has a total of 73 hours completed out of the required minimum of 30, so she is definitely a hard worker!


    What Jasmine has to say about her learning experiences at JBH:


    My experience at JBH has been amazing in the two year Veterinary Science program in which I have been involved. It is exciting to take classes that directly translate into experience in my chosen career path. I get hands-on experience and I go to veterinary clinics to get a little taste of what it’s going to be like in the field. JBH has prepared me for my future career/job. I am grateful for all of the work my instructor has put into teaching me, including the extra time she has spent mentoring me to get me to the point where I need to be. JBH has been an amazing experience in my education.