• fafsa

    Attention Parents of Seniors!!

    Have 2 hours on a Friday to apply for free money?

    ASSETS is now hosting FAFSA Fridays every Friday starting Oct.4.


    During this time, Ms. Beasley - Communities in Schools counselor and Ms. Lee - ASSETS’ counselor will sit with parents to walk through the financial aid application process. 


    If your child plans to attend college or a trade school in the summer or fall, go ahead and apply. Seeing the grants you are awarded helps your family plan.

    Prior to applying, please gather the following documents:

    • If your graduate is a male and 18 years old, they will need to register with the selective service system first. The application requires it before applicants can continue the process.
    • Please bring your social security number or alien registration number if not a US citizen, and 
    • Federal income tax returns W-2s.

    Why should you apply?

    1. You won’t know if you qualify unless you apply
    2. You can’t get the best student loans without applying for financial aid
    3. You could qualify for a grant

    Please call 281-245-4859 or 281-245-3037 to make your Friday appointment.

    We look forward to working with you as we best support your senior!