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Character Lessons: Keys to Success

Every month of the year, there will be a different character trait taught to all students.  

When they show the key to success for that month, they will receive a Terrific Ticket that will allow them a chance to win a prize.


Keys of Success for September

Citizenship and Kelso's Choices


Keys of Success for October

Kindness and Self-Control

Be a Buddy not a Bully


Keys of Success for November

Forgiveness and Thankfulness


Keys of Success December

Generosity and Kindness


Keys of Success January

Diversity and Kelso's Choices


Keys of Success February

Respect and No Place for Hate




Keys of Success for March

Test Prep and Anxiety Reduction Strategies


Keys of Success April

Taming the Testing Monsters


Keys of Success May

Courage and Confidence/Perseverance