Purchasing Is Going Public


    With All Their Federal Compliance Forms


    To Allow Staff and Vendors Quick Accessiblity




    EDGAR (Education Department General Administrative Regulations Part 2 CFR§200) are the purchasing policies and procedures like TEC (Texas Eduation Code 44.031) that are used as a guideline for procurements with Federal Funds.


    This training module explains Alvin ISD's compliance guidelines to meet CFR 200 purchases of goods and services.  EDGAR Compliance Training version 1.1



    A standardized form letter has been added to the website for use when extending contractor service agreements and post Federal compliance forms to vendors.

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    Service contracts under $10,000 a year, using Federal Funds can complete the CCA Packet and return to the Budget Manager for processing.  Services can not be rendered until the contract is reviewed for compliance and a purchase order is issued.

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    This Post Federal Compliance Certification Forms and Checklist is to be used with vendors that are approved under a cooperative or District Bid Proposal but have not completed any Federal Compliance forms on record.  Prior to any aquisitions for supplies or services  using Federal Funds, these forms must be complete and filed with Purchasing.

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    The EDGAR Compliance Quote form is to be used with all purchases meeting the Small Purchases criteria 2CFR§200.320(b) & (e).  If small purchase procedures are used, price or rate quotations must be obtained from "an adequate number of qualified sources".  Our district has established an adequate number to equal two quotes from Qualified Sources.  This form is to be completed and returned to the Federal Compliance Officer for approval prior to processing a Purchase Order. Quotes from vendors are to be attached to this form.




    The One Time Purchase Request is to be used with all purchases meeting the Micro Purchase criteria 2CFR§200.320(a).  Our district considers a Micro Purchase as a one time purchase outside bid category acquisition.  Budget managers will send this completed form, attach the vendor completed compliance forms, vendor quote and W-9 to the Federal Compliance Officer for review.  Upon approval, the packet will be submitted to Purchasing for Review and an EDGAR/ARM compliant vendor number and commodity code will be issued for use on their purchase order.  Vendor should not render services or supplies until a Purchase Order has been completed.

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    If applicable, the Conflict of Interest and Disclosure of Lobbying forms have been included on the website and must be completed and returned to Purchasing if they pertain to your company doing business with Alvin ISD.