• Unit: Football

    Skills Focus: Passing & Punting

    Passing Ques

    1. Grib ball towards the end with fingers across the laces
    2. Side to Target (stand sideways)
    3. Elbow bent and back
    4. Step, turn & throw (Lead with your elbow, Snap your wrist, let the ball roll off of your fingertips & follow through)

    Catching Ques

    1. Keep eyes on ball
    2. Reach out for ball
    3. Fingertips UP!!!!

    Punting Ques

    1. Drop, not throw, the ball a little in front of your punting foot
    2. Step, swing, point (Step forward with the non-punting leg, swing the punting leg hard, point the toes down)
    3. Shoelaces, extend & Lift (Strike the ball with the shoelaces, extend the leg as you swing, lift the leg high after kicking)