• 1st 9 Weeks at a Glance


    Addition and Subtraction up to 20 Fluency


    • time to the 5 minutes
    • AM and PM

    Place Value

    • numbers up to 999
    • composing and decomposing
    • standard, picture, word, expanded forms
    • comparing and ordering numbers
    • odd and even
    • number lines


    • use the cent symbol and dollar sign with a decimal point
    • counting a collection of coins 

    Addition and Subtraction Fluency within 100 using strategies

    • add up to four 2 digit numbers and subtraction two 2 digit numbers using mental strategies
    • represent strategies using an open number line, strip diagram, and equations
    • word problems




    Intro to Science
    • class procedures
    • set up science notebooks
    • what is a scientist


    • classifying by properties (temperature, size, texture, flexibility, solids, liquids)
    • changes to matter (cooling, heating, cutting, sanding, melting, folding)
    • combining materials and how they work together


    • light, heat, sound
    • increasing/decreasing amount