• Classroom Rules and Consequences



    • Be in your seat with necessary supplies on your desk when the bell rings.

    • Follow directions the first time they are given

    • Respect the teacher, other adults inthe classroom, your classmates, and yourself, both in actions and words.

    • Keep hands, feet, and all other objects to yourself

    • Always work hard and do your best. No excuses



    • 1st offense: Verbal Warning

    • 2nd offense: Contact parent/guardian, entered as a classroom referral. Complete reflection sheet.

    • 3rd offense: Lunch and/or After School detention.  Complete reflection sheet.

    • 4th offense: Contact parent or guardian AND restorative circle with an administrator and teacher

    • 5th offense: Office Referral to Administration



    *Serious infractions, such as profanity directed to a teacher, fighting, aggression, etc, will be immediately referred to the office.

    **Cell phone infractions fall under the cell phone policy.