• Mrs. Hunter’s 7th Grade Science Classroom Policies & Procedures

    In order to have classroom that is effective and runs smoothly, we will utilize the following policies and procedures:

    Policies & Procedures Entering the classroom: Line up against the wall outside.  After I greet you at the door, you may walk into the classroom, retrieve needed materials from your backpack, place your belongings under the lab tables and be seated in your assigned seat. Read the board for instruction. If there is a warm-up, begin and sit quietly when finished.

    Tardies: Make every effort to arrive in class on time. All tardies will be recorded. upon the 3rd tardy in a 9 weeks,  you will receive a detention for each tardy thereafter. Excessive tardies will receive additional repercussions.

    Hall Pass: If you need to leave the classroom for any reason,  you must have a hall pass. If possible, I ask that you not interrupt lecture , but plan to go before or after this is complete.

    Class Dismissal: I will dismiss the class. You should not leave the class when the bell rings, but when I verbally dismiss you from class. Class will be dismissed when the room is neat (7th period also when chairs are stacked).

    Tutorials:  Passes will be given in class.  You must have a pass to attend. See my teacher webpage or your syllabus for times.

    Textbooks:  While we will use Stemscopes a tool for this class, many resources will be provided through Google Classroom or Stemscopes online.  Each student will be issued a set of stemscopes books for their grade level. The Stemscopedia will remain at home and the others will be kept at school for use in class.

    Google-Classroom: We will use Google Classroom almost daily.  It is imperative that students have access to this platform.  Codes will be provided to students in class. Parents may set up a parent account.

    Turning in Work: All work must be turned into the correct tray for your class period no later than 1 minute after the bell. Do not write anything on your paper at the turn in box.  If electronic, the work must be submitted by the correct time or it will be counted late. Google Classroom & other systems show the exact time of submission.

    Late Work: Turn late work into ME.  See “Fine Print” for Late work Grading policy.

    Absences: : Retrieve absent work from hanging file on the wall by the entrance to class.  See “Fine Print” for Absence Policy. When turning work in, include the correct heading as well as the word  “absent” and the date that you were absent in the top right corner of the assignment. Turn work into the correct tray in the student center. Please attend tutorials to answer questions you may have over the information covered while you were out.

    Paper heading: You should place your name (first and last), class period, and date in the upper right hand corner of your paper. (see front left wall in classroom)

    Speaking during instruction: Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking during instruction.  

    Giving Mrs. Hunter your attention: When I raise my hand or ring the bell, I am asking for your attention. You should turn and face me, and be ready for instruction. *If we develop a specific signal as a class, I expect it to be followed.

    Trash Disposal: Please walk to the trash can and place your trash in the trash can. Please do not throw trash at all. 

    Drills: For a drill of any kind, you should be quiet and listen for direction from the me. Additionally, for fire drills, line up quietly in a single file line and walk out together as a class to the designated area. YOU MUST REMAIN QUIET. 

    Phone Calls/Announcements: When the phone rings, remain quiet and keep working on your assignment.  When there is a school announcement made, sit quietly and listen to the entire announcement.

    Visitor: When there is a visitor in the room, remain quiet and keep working on your assignment. Do not talk with or say hi to the visitor (unless an administrator speaks to you).

    Materials and supplies: You should obtain all needed materials such as books, ISNs, homework, warm-up papers etc., and be seated, before the bell rings. Interactive Science Journals (ISN’s) should be brought to class daily. Shared classroom supplies must be returned neatly to designated area before the bell rings.

    Finishing Early: When you finish an assignment early, you may read, work on your homework, or study.  However, do not disrupt those who are still working.

    Test Corrections & Retest: See “Fine Print” page.

    Cell Phone/Device Policy: See “Fine Print” page.

    Academic Dishonesty: Per NRJH, “Any student found to be cheating, copying, plagiarizing, or otherwise attempting to receive credit through academically dishonest means, will receive a zero on the assignment. The student will have the opportunity to complete an equitable alternative assignment that assesses knowledge of the same standards. In addition, the student will be assigned a Saturday detention at SCHS. 

    *All PAP and MAP students must read and sign the Digital PAP Contract.  See my webpage or the NRJH Advanced Academics page to access the contract.

    Photos:  Parents, if you do not want your student in photographs that I may share of things we are doing in class, please inform me in writing.

    Student/Teacher Communication:  Please be proactive in communicating your questions/concerns with me.  If you need to communicate with me outside of class, you have several options:

    1. Speak with me during tutorials

    2. E-mail me at bhunter@alvinisd.net 

    3. Post a question in the Google Classroom stream*  

    Skyward:  I will use the contact information in Skyward to contact parents or share important information.  Students and parents may check grades through Skyward. Please make sure you have access and the contact information is correct.