• Table of Contents

    Absolute Value and Real Numbers

    Laws of Exponent: Product Rule

    Quotient Rule

    Power-to-Power Exponents

    Zero and Negative Rule

    Laws of Exponent Word Problems

    Solving 2 Step Equations

    Combining Like Terms and Distributive Property

    Distributive Property Equations with Variable on Both Sides

    Translating Expressions

    Translating Inequalities

    Solving Equations & Inequalities


    Literal Equations (Solve for Y)


    Function/ Not a Function

    Domain & Range

    X & Y Intercepts

    Slope: Graph, Table, & Points

    Direct Variation

    Arithmetic Sequence

    Slope-Intercept Form

    Consecutive Integers

    Simplifying Radicals with Variables

    Solving Equation with Ratios

    Linear Word Problems

    Writing Linear Equations

    Writing Inequalities

    Parallel & Perpendicular Equations

    Correlation Coefficient

    Graphing Systems of Linear Equation

    Solving Systems of Linear Equation 

    Systems of Linear Equation Word Problems

    Writing Inequalities with 2 Variables

    Exponential Growth & Decay

    Writing Exponential Functions

    Geometric Sequence

    Adding & Subtracting Polynomials

    Polynomial Word Problems

    Multiplying Polynomials

    Multiplying Polynomials: Box Method

    Greatest Common Factor

    Factoring by Grouping

    Factoring Quadratics


    Parents often want to hire private tutors and need to know the order of our lessons.  So as close as I could get the titles for the order in which we will proceed, is listed above.  Also please feel free to research a subject matter or study before we approach a new lesson.  Parents can also ask students questions pertaining to a lesson according to the titles above.  If there are anymore questions please feel free to email or contact me via REMIND.