• Table of Contents

    Absolute Value and Real Numbers

    Laws of Exponent: Product Rule

    Quotient Rule

    Power-to-Power Exponents

    Zero and Negative Rule

    Laws of Exponent Word Problems

    Simplifying Radicals with Variables

    Solving 2 Step Equations

    Combining Like Terms and Distributive Property

    Distributive Property Equations with Variable on Both Sides

    Translating Expressions

    Translating Inequalities

    Solving Equations & Inequalities


    Writing Inequalities

     Solving Equation with Ratios

     Literal Equations (Solve for Y)


    Function/ Not a Function

    Domain & Range

    X & Y Intercepts

    Slope: Graph, Table, & Points

    Direct Variation

    Arithmetic Sequence

    Slope-Intercept Form

    Point-Slope Form

    Standard Form

    Writing Linear Equations

    Linear Word Problems

    Parallel & Perpendicular Equations

    Correlation Coefficient

    Graphing Systems of Linear Equation

    Solving Systems of Linear Equation 

          with Tables

          Standard Form

    Systems of Linear Equation Word Problems

    Writing Inequalities with 2 Variables

    Exponential Growth & Decay

    Writing Exponential Functions

    Geometric Sequence

    Adding & Subtracting Polynomials

    Polynomial Word Problems

    Multiplying Polynomials

    Multiplying Polynomials: Box Method

    Greatest Common Factor (Monomials)

    Factoring by Grouping

    Factoring Quadratics

    Solving Using Quadratic Formula

    Attributes of Quadratic Functions

    Vertex Form of Quadratic Equations

    Dividing Polynomials

    Parents often want to hire private tutors and need to know the order of our lessons.  So as close as I could get the titles for the order in which we will proceed, is listed above.  Also please feel free to research a subject matter or study before we approach a new lesson.  Parents can also ask students questions pertaining to a lesson according to the titles above.  If there are anymore questions please feel free to email or contact me via REMIND.