• Grading

    Band grades are calculated as follows:


    Major Grades 50%

    Daily Grades 50%


    Daily Grades



    Participation in band means that you are seated:

    1) when class starts

    2) with all required materials

    3) actively engaged for the entire period


    Everyone starts each 9 weeks with a participation grade of 100.  If, at the start of any rehearsal, you do not have any of the following required materials, your participation grade will be lowered: instrument, music, book, binder, pencil, reeds, or instrument care products.      


    PRACTICE CARDS—Beginners Only

    Every week, each member of the NR Beginning Band will be required to  submit a practice card. Practice card grades are based on the

    number of minutes that you practice throughout the week.  Practice cards are to be submitted on Tuesdays for full credit. Each day late is minus 10pts. 


    After Friday, the practice card grade is a zero and cannot be made up.


    SECTIONALS (SB1 and SB2 only)

    Sectionals are a very important part of large-group instruction.  7th and 8th grade students will have one before or after school

    sectional each week until the end of the school year.  During

    sectionals, students will receive a grade for attendance, have

    opportunities to pass off objectives, and participate in chair tests. 


    Sectional attendance is required and is crucial for individual

    progress as well as the success of the group. 


    Sectional times will be set in advance for each band and may change throughout the year with school activities.  When determining sectional schedules, we will try to avoid conflicts with other before and after school-related activities.  Some conflicts may be unavoidable, and we will address these on an individual basis. 


    If you know of a conflict, it is your responsibility to let us know as soon as you are aware of it so that we can attempt to adjust the schedule if possible.



    During region band preparation (SB1), and during UIL preparation (SB1, 2, & 3), you may have a weekly assigned 10 to 15 minute

    listening time. 


    Major Grades



    Unless otherwise stated, all scheduled rehearsals and

    performances are graded. 


    Performances count as 2 major test grades.  Missing a required rehearsal or performance may result in a lower chair or placement in a lower band.



    Because band is a performance based class, playing tests happen regularly throughout the school-year.



    Throughout the year, students will be required to pass off certain objectives such as scales and technical exercises. When an objective is assigned, students will have multiple chances to pass-off the objective grade the student has reached will stand.

     and improve their score for a maximum grade of 100. Each objective must be met by the end of a 9 weeks grading period. At the end of the 9 weeks grading period, whatever