• First of all, I hope each of you had an amazing and restful Spring Break. I know these circumstances are not ideal, but we are dedicated to our students and want this to be a smooth and easy transition. Parents please guide your students and help share this information if your student does not use their school email account. 
     We hope that we can provide instruction that will bridge the gap while we go through uncharted waters. Please be flexible and if you have any underlying circumstances please reach out to me. If you have trouble joining the class please email me and I can help you.
    2nd Period
    Floral Design Code: llcf2gh
    3rd Period
    Floral Design Code: zgmwegh
    4th Period
    Floral Design Code: fff4i5i
    5th Period 
    Prin. of Ag Code: rdo6tjb
    Google Hangout Link-meet.google.com/wdo-ztnw-spg