Classroom Rules and Expectations: 




    1. Arrive on Time 

    • This means that you are in your seat completing your warm-up when the bell rings. Once you enter the room, you are not allowed to leave, without permission, even if the tardy bell has not sounded. 
    • Tardies are cumulative and could result in campus-issued consequences. 



    1. Come to Class Prepared

    • Bring your notebook, assignments, and writing utensils to class every day. NO EXCEPTIONS! Complete class work and homework, when assigned, so that you are ready to participate in any class discussions. 

    • Supplies Policy – students who do not bring their supplies to class will receive reminders. Parents will be notified if students consistently report to class without supplies. 



    1. Be Respectful of Others and Property 

    • Do not prevent another student from learning. 

    • Do not prevent the teacher from teaching. 

    • Raise your hand and obtain permission before speaking or asking questions. 

    • Wait patiently for others to finish speaking before adding your own views. 

    • Please ask if you need to borrow items 

    • My desk and cabinets are off limits to students. 

    • Clean and organize work area once instructed to do so. 

    • Return any borrowed materials in an orderly manner. 



    1. Display appropriate behavior 

    • Respect others’ right to learn. 

    • Maintain silence when walking to the library or assemblies. 

    • Respect opinions and differences of others. 

    • Horse playing is not permitted. 

    • Encourage each other daily by offering positive and constructive comments, where appropriate. 

    • Respect all processes. 



    1. Follow All Directions and Adhere to School Policies 

    • Listen attentively and carefully and follow directions the first time. 

    • There will be no eating or drinking during class. 

    • There will be no personal grooming of any kind during class.