• Welcome Razorbacks!!!

    Welcome to 8th grade!  I am looking forward to an awesome year where I'll be able to get to know your child, where I'll be able to get to know you and work together to create a strong and solid foundatiom that will help your child reach his or her fullest potential. As a parent myself I know from experience that parents and guardians are the voice and in order to be fully capable and prepared to teach your children I must network and partnership with you to make our students successful in the classroom.  I understand that education starts within the home first and because of that you are the most important educator in your child’s life and because of this I'm asking you to partner with me on ensuring that our students achieve, meet and exceed their goals. 

    I am ready to support, challenge and praise our students as they seek to climb new heights.  I have very high expectations of myself as a teacher, therefore I'll have very high expectations for our students as well. This year we're focusing on increasing reading, writing and critical thinking. It is important that as students take their journey into highschool they'll be able to have great communication skills, effective writing skills and dynamic reading abilities. This year we are leveling up and putting our game faces on. There are no excuses. The formula to success is building concrete character habits and this year we'll be focusing on many of them including but not limited to perseverance, self control and grit. I feel that we can make this an incredible year if students come prepared with a growth mindset that shows I'm ready to be engaged, grow, and pursue academic excellence despite any obstacles. I'm truly blessed to have this opportunity to work with your children while they are on the pathway to highschool. a

    Please do not hesitate to contact me via email at, if you ever have any questions or concerns. I welcome and encourage your support because the best way to help our students is to be on one accord in unity.




    Mrs. Diaz