• GPA Waiver


    Beginning with the class of 2023, the waiver option allows junior and senior students who receive an “A” (90-100) average in a qualifying elective course to request that it be converted to a “pass” grade.  Pass/Fail grades are NOT included in the student’s grade point average.

    Waiver Guidelines:  GPA waiver can only be used if the student has earned a yearly average of an “A” (90-100). Must complete full year.

    • A GPA waiver form must be submitted to the student’s alpha counselor with student, parent and counselor signature by the end of the first 9 week grading period of the school year.   
    • All transfer students who enroll after the 1st nine weeks must submit a waiver within 30 days of enrollment.
    • Students using the GPA waiver will receive state credit for the course, but no grade points will be awarded.
    • A maximum of two GPA waivers are allowed a year during the junior and senior year if the prerequisite course requirement is met and the student has both their required FA and PE credits for the Foundation Graduation Program. Students must be classified JR or SR when application for waiver is filed with counselor.
    • Courses taken during the senior year will be waived at the third nine week grading period.
    • Courses that receive accelerated or advanced GPA points are not eligible to be waived.


    Qualifying Electives: Advanced level courses in the following areas may be waived only after the prerequisite course requirement is met.

    • Athletic courses
    • Cheer
    • Band
    • Orchestra
    • Choir
    • Color Guard/Winter Guard
    • Drill Team (Varsity and JV)
    • Theater Production/Technical Theater/Musical Theater
    • JROTC
    • Debate
    • Advanced Journalism including Newspaper II & III and Yearbook II & III
    • FFA - specific Agricultural, Food and Natural Resources in JR and SR year as approved by counselor

    I have calculated my GPA and understand the implications of this decision on my GPA and rank.  I understand that this decision is final.


    GPA Waiver Form