The STEM Academy qualification process is underway; however, there are still over 100 students who are needing to complete their Alvin ISD Magnet Academic Program (MAP) assessment.  This testing should be concluded on August 6.  At that time the STEM matrix will be complete and any additional data can be collected.  Letters to students who have qualified for STEM will be sent out via email on August 10. 



    Magnet Academic Program Qualifications


    All 5th grade students in Alvin ISD are considered for acceptance into the Magnet Academic Program (MAP).  Students may qualify for one or both components of MAP.  The two components are Math/Science and Humanities (Reading and Social Studies).

    MAP is currently housed at all Alvin ISD junior high campuses.

    MAP is a 3 year program only at the junior high level.  MAP Offers the following: 

    • Accelerated (Math/Science) Curriculum

    • Integrated (Humanities) Curriculum

    • MAP consists of two segments: Math/Science and Humanities (reading/social studies).  

    • Each segment has independent qualifying standards.

    MAP Math/Science Admission

    Communication has been sent to those students who qualify to participate in the final round.  If you have not scheduled your testing time and location, please contact the junior high Advanced Academics Specialist at your zoned campus.


    Alvin Junior High - Alana Adame - aadame@alvinisd.net

    Fairview Junior High - Dianna Moreno - dmoreno@alvinisd.net

    Harby Junior High - Amanda Smith - asmith@alvinisd.net

    Manvel Junior High - Britney Campbell - bwhitehead@alvinisd.net

    Rodeo Palms Junior High - Sharon Earles - searles@alvinisd.net

    McNair Junior High - Cheryl Harris - cdonato@alvinsid.net

    Nolan Ryan Junior High - Jessica Smith - jlsmith@alvinisd.net



     MAP Humanities Admission

    Contact the junior high Advanced Academics Specialist at your zoned campus if you have any questions.  
    Transfer Student Testing: If you are transferring into Alvin ISD, your child is going into 6th grade, and you are interested in having your student screened for the Magnet Academic Program, please contact Tracie Lee at tflee@alvinisd.net.  

    Due to the fast paced curriculum of the MAP program, as well as the best interest of student learning, transfer testing for incoming 7th and 8th graders has been suspended for the 2020/2021 school year.  Students wishing to transfer test for the program will be able to do so at the end of the 20/21 school year, upon evaluation of student data at that time. 

           Magnet Academic Program Progression
    • math




      Please note that MAP is a junior high program only and does not continue into high school.