• Rise

    January 2019

    Rise is a collection of student events or special projects that highlight student life at ASSETS Academy.


    Electives, Art and Spanish at ASSETS Academy 



    Art 1 students began studying art history with an investigation of the longest existing culture going back 50,000 years, that of the Australian Aboriginal people.  The study included Aboriginal dot art based on their dreamtime stories. Students researched technology like the boomerang, simple toys and games.




    Students were fascinated to learn about the bush foods gathered by the Aboriginals so many years ago are still gathered today.  Students studied “dreamtime” art and its characteristics. Students recreated tools, games, and toys that the Aboriginals used to survive and make life enjoyable.




    Found items and methods were used to recreate their pieces. Students used found items like branches to paint their “dreamtime” art.  Student were able to understand how important the story in the art must be for the nomadic people to take time to make these items and art. Student Paris Reyes learned that the boomerang was used not just only for hunting prey, but it was also used as a toy.




    Student will follow with a study of ancient Egypt and create their own book of the dead.  They will learn about a 78 foot papyrus scroll created for a scribe named Ani. Art 2 students will create a ¼ scale book of the dead based on research.  They will create the scroll on piece of paper that is 19.5 feet wide by 36 inches tall. The artwork will be displayed at J. B. Hensler Annex.







    All Spanish classes started off the new semester creating a poster project of their dream house, La casa de mis sueños.  Each student drew an outline of their dream house, similar to a blueprint, and labeled the rooms and furnishings in Spanish.  There were some beautiful ideas of what they might like their house to look like someday. Some of these projects are displayed on the wall in the annex hallway.




    Spanish 1 moved on from this project to study food vocabulary.  Students go through the classroom grocery bag and name and talk about the different foods one might commonly buy at a grocery store.  The groceries are used as a starting point to build conversations about the things students like and don’t like to eat. It sure makes everyone hungry as the conversations get close to lunch time.  Sometimes Ms. Koehler brings in “galletas” (cookies) or another bocadillo (snack) for students to try and talk about.



    Spanish 2 students expanded the “La casa de mis sueños” project to talk about common household chores. Students are now studying places and objects we find in the community, such as buying stamps from a post office and cashing a check at the bank.  This is all practical vocabulary and grammar skills the students can apply to their real life situations.