• Rise

    November 2018

    Rise is a collection of student events or special projects that highlight student life at ASSETS Academy.


    ELA Department November Highlights, English Department, ASSETS Academy 


    New ELA


    Mrs. Stuart’s English I class individually chooses a story of their choice.   While every student has multiple options from which to choose from Newsela., the best part follows when each student annotates and shows their thinking when reading.  Most students like to engage in these types of passages because they are current and talks about what is going on in teenager’s lives. The different passages contain stories about news, health, art, politics, money, and new movies and books.  Go to www.newsela.com if you want to check it out!


    Escape Room


    Ms. Sergeeva and Mrs. Davis’s classes collaborate to explore "Tell-Tale Heart," the masterpiece by Edgar Allan Poe, by completing an escape room challenge. During the three rounds of the escape room, students close read the text along with the documents associated with the story, interacted with crucial textual evidence, analyzed a video, and focused on claim and evidence through the text. Both classes have successfully completed the challenge.


    Escaperoom  Escaperoom