• Rise

    September 2018

    Rise is a collection of student events or special projects that highlight student life at ASSETS Academy.


    Physics, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Science Department, ASSETS Academy 


    Students are engaged in “FREE FALL LAB” in Mr. Pilarta’s Physics class.


    The purpose of this lab is to calculate free fall of various objects (different types of balls) and calculate the distance that the object fell.


    Bowling Motion


    The students enjoy doing the “MOTION OF A BOWLING BALL LAB”. The purpose of this lab is to calculate the average velocity of a moving bowling ball and create a graph that shows the mathematical relationship of displacement, time, and velocity.


    Meanwhile in Mrs. Garza's Environmental Science, students are dissecting owl pellets.





    Owls pellets are owl vomit after they have eaten a small animal. Students were instructed to get into groups of 2-3. Each group grabbed a dissecting kit and an owl vomit pellet. The goal was for students to take apart the vomit, gather all the bones and clean them as much as we could. Then when students finished they glued them together to reconstruct the animals skeleton, and identify which animal the owl ate.




    Back in Mrs. Stahl's Chemistry class, student are learning about electronic configuration. This is Mrs. Stahl first year at ASSETS academy.  “Chemistry is the study of matter and at ASSETS we are doing just that. We spent the first nine weeks studying aspects of matter that we can see and touch. Now we are beginning to dig deep into the innermost composition of the atoms that make up all of the world around us”.




    Our most recent work has been with electron configuration (a way to represent the location of electrons using numbers and letters). The other day in class we used play dough to visually represent the patterns involved in electron configuration.


    electrons configuration


    It was a great way for students to express their creativity, individuality and show off what they know. Looking forward we will begin to talk about electrons and their role in bonding as we explore reactions in the laboratory.