• Grading Guidelines


    If students have a question concerning their grades in general or grades on specific assignments, they may address these concerns during tutorials. 


    We will follow MJH's and Alvin ISD's Secondary Grading Guidelines.


    MJH Grading Guidelines                 Alvin ISD Grading Guidelines


    Students will receive a minimum of two grades per week and a minimum of three major grades per nine-week grading period.  It is not necessary for all grades to be comprised of written work, nor is it always necessary to receive a grade for every paper produced. 

    **Most importantly, students will receive feedback for activities and/or assignments, however the feedback does not have to be in the form of a single grade.**


    Major Grades 50% (55% PAP)


    Major grades include, but not limited to, unit tests, computation tests, projects and district benchmarks.  Test dates are provided at least one week in advance.

    Students may retake failing unit tests for a maximum grade of an 80. This must be done within 1 week from the student receiving their original grade.  Student must attend at least one tutorial and a Ticket to Test before they can retake any failing major grade.  Students should schedule a time with me to retake any failing major grade. 


    ***Keep in mind, students must attend one tutorial to review their unit test before they take a reassessment.***


    Daily Grades 50% (45% PAP)


    Daily grades include, but not limited to, daily assignments, classroom participation, classroom discussions, teacher observations and homework.

    • Daily assignments are generally due at the end of the class period. 
    • Homework is due the next day, at the beginning of class, not during class.
    • All strategies must be shown to receive credit. 

    Students cannot redo or correct daily grades.


    Late Work Policy

    The assignment is considered late if it is not turned in at the time it is due.  Homework assignments are due at the beginning of class or it will be considered late.


    1st day late – 10 points off

    2nd day late – 20 points off

    3rd day late – 30 points off

    4th day late – No credit is given after the 3rd daygrades image


    Grades are updated in Skyward's Family Access in a timely manner.


    Skyward's Family Access allows students and parents to view not only grades, but attendance and schedules. 


    Skyward can be accessed using the following link:   Skyward