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    • Directions
      • Students take notes while the easy is being read
      • Once the essay is finished you have ten minutes to answer the questions
    • Scoring
      • Correct answers are worth 3 points
      • Incorrect answer are minus 2 points
      • Skipping a question doesn’t affect your score
      •  A perfect score is a 75
    This event is designed to help students recognize the importance of effective listening skills and to identify problems they may have in listening effectively. It also provides a challenging format to test the improvement of the listening abilities. Students will actively listen to a variety of material and learn to analyze and evaluate a speaker's message critically. Tests will include, but not limited to, language arts, fine arts, natural sciences and social studies. The objective tests will measure skills such as identifying the main idea and supporting ideas, drawing conclusions, distinguishing fact from opinion and mastering other listening and thinking skills.
    Students will do this by listening to a script ranging from 7-10 minutes in length, take notes as needed, and use their notes to answer 25 multiple choices, true/false and short answer test questions.